Announcing chartbeat labs

October 22nd, 2010 by Allan

We’re proud to present our labs section here at chartbeat. This is where we test new things, that might or might not turn in to full-fledged products some day. A chance for us to show some of our many cool ideas to the world.
The first labs project is “the big board”(1):


chartbeat big board for


It is meant to be used on a big monitor without user interaction, and constantly shows an overview of the top pages of your site in real time. If you are a customer you can open the big board for all your domains on If you are not a customer you can see a demo of the big board for
This is just the first of many labs projects. We hope to add many more in the coming months!

6 Responses

  • We’re experimenting a bit with chartbeat for our clients currently. Your Bigboard lab tool works like a charm, and is really something some of our bigger sites would like to have displayed permanently somewhere on a monitor on the wall I think. Simple but great! Keep up the good work i would say.

    Suggestion: remove the up and down arrows at each refresh.
    Furthermore, when measuring more sites results are moved on top of each other.

    • Thanks for the kind words!

      The up and down arrows should really display a trend of the page (over the last couple of minutes for example), and not just for the last couple of seconds. Would that make sense? We know about the multi-site bug. Need to get around to fix that :)

  • Yes, that makes sense. However, if the arrow shows a trend it might become a bit confusing, since the actual number might decrease but the trend might be upward. What I currently like is the simplicity of the thing (perfect for marketeers :-)

    I also saw another issue, probably also a known bug, on the AVC demo: an increasing number of empty entries in the list. The longer I looked, the more I saw (or did not see, since they were empty :-). Browser: Chrome.

  • How about enhancing /toppages to take a list of hosts? An optional parameter flatten (defaulting to true) would allow you to return per-host data while not breaking the API. Thanks.

    • All of our API calls could ideally take a list of hosts. Would be quite handy. We’ll look into it, but I cannot promise any ETA.