See chartbeat data overlaid on your site

Today we’re happy to unveil the latest gadget on chartbeat labs: Chartbeat for Google Chrome. It’s a Google Chrome extension that allows you overlay chartbeat data directly on your page, without having to leave your site. The chartbeat extension gives you the option of either seeing the page you are on or the site in full, with information about visits, referrers and engagement baked in.

Here’s a screenshot of it in action on

Once installed you’ll see a chartbeat icon to the right of your Location bar. If it has a little grey question-mark icon, then you need to log into your chartbeat account. Once you are logged in the icon will show you a green square if you are on a page that you have chartbeat access to, whereas pages that you don’t have access to will show you a red square.

Chartbeat Chrome Icons.png

Enjoy and let us know what you think or twitter!

For Firefox and Safari users we also have a bookmarklet version.

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