The top 10 reasons I work at Chartbeat

It’s a fact– Chartbeat is growing by leaps and bounds these days, and we’re always on the hunt for talented folks to join the Chartteam. We get a lot of questions about why someone might want to work at Chartbeat, and I thought a top ten list might paint a better picture of what makes this place so awesome. This is only scratching the surface, of course, and each person here has his or her own reasons, but hopefully my top ten list will show you why I’m such a fan of Chartbeat.

1. Mad skills

We’re pretty proud of our team– someone only joins Chartbeat when they’re oozing with talent and a good culture fit too (we have social interviews so we can get to know you better, and so that you can get to know the Chartteam too) . That philosophy means we’re setting the bar high for a team of funny, snack-inhaling, incredibly friendly folks who also happen to be pretty good at what they do.

2. We get weird every six weeks

Chartteam members have a week to work on a project of their choosing at the end of every 6-week dev cycle. We know that engineers need time to work on their own ideas and we’re totally behind this. Naturally, these projects are really important. Previous hack week ideas have even turned into real features for Chartbeat– check out our labs page to see them in action.

3. The crib (coming soon)

Face it: if you’re going to spend a fair amount of time in your place of work, you want it to be pretty snazzy, right? The brand new Chartbeat headquarters opens in early 2013, and we’re all excited for this super-spacious, comfortable, perfectly-located (Union Square wooohooo), fully-outfitted space to work and play in.

4. Where my teams at?

Collaboration is the name of the game here. We understand that building an amazing product can’t happen without a lot of different people providing their keen insights and feedback. At any given time, you might be part of several distinct teams working on wireframing the latest feature, crafting a new marketing campaign, or engineering a better support system – and this constant variety of projects and people is guaranteed to keep your days interesting.

5. Grow your brain

We want you to keep on learning, and we know that happens in all sorts of ways. So we sponsor a ton of different opportunities–big and small. A few non-dev folks wanted to learn how to code, so we sent them to General Assembly to get their geek on. A team member was ready to start a book club, so now Chartbeat covers books and dinner for these bibliophiles. The bottom line is, when you come to Chartbeat, expect to learn and expect our help along the way.

6. Hit the road… or the beach

We don’t tally up vacation days here–we think people can decide when to take a break and for how long. Plus we’re all pretty young here–err at least young at heart–and there’s a whole lot of world out there that we’re all dying to see. Chartteam members have visited India, Japan, Switzerland, and Hawaii–and that’s just in the past few months. Just remember to bring us back some treats ok?

7.Titles People matter

Senior executive advisor? Vice-something? Assistant to the associate what? Titles are pretty confusing and sometimes kind of meaningless. We’re more interested in having a light, flexible place where people can live beyond a job description or title.

8. Your schedule, designed by you

Not an early morning person? That’s okay. The only doctor’s available appointment is at 3pm? Take it. Prefer hitting the gym at lunchtime? Go get your sweat on. We know your best work doesn’t only happen between 9 and 5, and Chartpeeps have the freedom to make their own schedules. That’s pretty awesome when your parents are visiting or if your pup has to get to the vet or maybe you’re just reallllly overdue for that haircut.

9. I like you. And you.
And you.

We dig each other a lot, which means we spend a lot of time together – in and out of the office. There’s an endless stream of karaoke outings, hikes, trivia nights (i.e. pub quizzes), Thursday breakfasts, softball games, and happy hours. Whether it’s training for an Ironman or getting burgers, there’s someone at Chartbeat who’s down to clown.

10. The chance to build

Being part of Chartbeat means getting in at the ground level to help build an amazing company. You’ll have a ton of responsibility, not to mention the opportunity to create awesome products for people all over the world. What you do at Chartbeat everyday has major implications for where we go as a company. That’s a pretty rare experience– and a pretty awesome one too.

As you can tell, I’m pretty psyched to be here at Chartbeat– and I’m always working to get more people to join the greatest team of nerds New York has ever known. Granted, being a talent hunter means I’m a little biased about Chartbeat, so if you’re not 100 percent convinced by my reasons yet, check out why VentureBeat is crushing on us, or get in touch to hear why other Chartteam members love Chartbeat so much.

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