World, Meet the Chartcorps.

Well, hello there!

We’re the Chartcorps – we are all things education, support, at-your-service for every one of Chartbeat’s thousands of clients. We eat, sleep, and breathe every aspect of our products and features and the data world at large.

Are we constantly looking for ways to make our products better and even more helpful for our users? Of course. Do we try to go above and beyond to answer your questions and make our client partners happy? Duh. Do we sometimes dream about answering emails? Maybe. What of it? The point is that we’re there when you need us most, even when you don’t even realize it yet. And we’re weirdly obsessed with doing it.

So, I figured you might want to know who you’re talking to when you email us or call us or tweet at @Chartcorps. Also because we’re a handsome bunch and these faces should be shared with the world.

What’s up, Doug? Doug once upon a time researched bats and neuroscience, but he realized his true calling was where he spent most of his time anyway – the internet. He’s spent a lot of quality time hanging out in newsrooms and is focusing on the growth of the Chartcorps. Say hi to Doug. He’s great.




Greetings Jenna! Jenna focuses on the Chartbeat product. You’ve probably already received a phone call or email from her checking in on how you’re doing and how much you’re loving Chartbeat or how much you want to change the product. If you haven’t heard from her yet, let her know you want to – she’s always happy to chat. Her jam is identifying trends in all the feedback you guys send us, so that we can improve the product in the way you want it.


Heya, David. David (also known as DVD) came to Chartbeat from the world of digital preservation, free-format radio, and documentary production. Yeah, we’re quite the varied bunch. When he’s not hanging out with our Chartbeat Publishing clients, he troubleshoots code implementations and juggles snacks. Seriously. Tell him you want video proof.


What is Chartcorps

We’ve established that we’re obsessed with data, but what exactly is this team all about? Dedicated to education and support, we nerds think of ourselves as the bridge between our clients and our product. We make sure that every one of your wants, needs, and wishes are heard and represented in all areas of Chartbeat. We work directly with the Product team, and every single one of us gets a copy of every single email that you guys send us. We make sure you’re heard loud and clear.

We’re the first to admit that our dashboards are mesmerizing to watch. But it’s Chartcorps’s job to make sure all you guys actually know how to use the data we provide. Chartbeat isn’t just really, really, ridiculously good looking– it’s a real-time data tool that works incredibly hard on the backend so you see the understandable, meaningful date you can act on. You need to be able to use Chartbeat to make decisions every day, hour, and minute based on our data. We make sure you can.

What we do

Nothing makes us happier than knowing that Chartbeat users are kicking ass with our data and products. We get so excited for you when your traffic is taking off or your engaged time is through-the-roof. And we also care a lot a lot when things aren’t going so well — we’re the people to call if you have any issues, need some advice, or just want to chat about your dashboard.

Just like throughout the 2012 US Presidential Election Day – we were all over email and Twitter making sure our clients had their concurrents traffic caps lifted when they needed it and the general support they needed to get through the many many many hours of coverage. We’re not just on-call for anticipated traffic bursts, we’ve got your back for unexpected spikes and hiccups.

One of my favorite things we do is offer free weekly online workshops. They’re open to current clients, former clients, and anyone who wants to talk about our products and features or data in general. While these sessions usually give you a crash course on your dashboard, the agenda is totally open to whatever you want to talk about. It’s like real-time data therapy, minus the couch.

Basically, we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. We’ve built our team to address your specific needs. So if you’re a big-time publisher using Chartbeat Publishing, we’re not giving you the same training as our pal John and his niche beer blog because you have totally different needs. We’ll work hand-in-hand, well, at least desk-to-desk with your editors to train them for what each discrete team will face – whether they work on the homepage, edit specific sections, run social media, we’ll do individual sessions, discussions, check ins, best practices sharing, etc. that are tailored to those roles.

Chartcorps 2012 Stats

We were busy bees last year, but we’re anticipating doubling, tripling, quintgoogletupling our efforts in 2013.

  • Number of Chartbeat webinars: 39
  • Number of Chartbeat Publishing trainings: 219
  • Number of issues solved via email: 5,171
  • Number of team members: 3 (and growing)

What’s in store for 2013

Oh, man. Where to begin. We have major plans to improve and grow our specially created support systems and education programming. We’re pumped about expanding our workshops, updating our FAQs into a full-blown experience center and adding more awesome faces to the Chartcorps, so join us!

Get in touch

Feel free to hit us up whenever. Email us at or tweet us @Chartcorps if 140 characters are more your style.

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