(Re)Introducing Replay

January 22nd, 2013 by Alex Carusillo

Real time is pretty great, right? It can be a complex tool that helps inform future action or it can be a simple, visceral thing that just feels totally awesome (and watching a page flood with traffic is totally awesome.)

But the issue with real time is that you’re not always on in real time. I mean, really, at some point you’ve got to set aside the stats and go to sleep. And when something happens when you’re not around – from your site going crazy in the middle of the night to  a subtle shift in your traffic when you’re out to lunch – you might miss it entirely. But that stuff is just too important (or too fun) to not see outside the moment.

So we went to the vault and pulled out an idea from one of our earliest dashboards… a way for you to re-watch your past week as if it’s live. Think of it as a a DVR for your site.

To check it out on your page head to the Content View and click the “Today/7 Day” toggle in the upper right. The graph on top will break free from its old 24-hour confines and show you everything that’s happened over the past week.

Now that you’ve got that look, go ahead and drag your cursor over the graph – yup, that’s your traffic at that exact moment and the traffic from the previous week, making it super easy to know if you’re in the middle of something unusual or its just a normal variation. “Context,” it’s totally the best, right?

But okay, ready? The cool stuff is about to really start.

Try this – instead of hovering on that graph, go ahead and click and drag your cursor over a range you want to watch again. We’ll kick you into our “replay” mode and actually show you what your dashboard looked like at that moment in time. That way you can get the kids out of bed, hook up the big screen, and watch how your pages changed, who was sending them traffic, and what specific pages were doing what. Even better you can pause at any time to take a closer look and step through that old data slice-by-slice.

So that’s it! No more wondering exactly what happened while you were away. You can sleep the night away in peace, take an even longer lunch; you deserve it. All you’ve got to do is click a button and you can find out everything you missed. And if you want all the details about how this works, take a look at our FAQs or feel free, as always, to shoot me an email at alex@chartbeat.com.

10 Responses

  • Yes! This is awesome! Our team is totally going to geek out on this new feature. Keep ’em comin!

  • Very nice! thank you for the improvement.

  • On the “content”-page, it is possible to see the statistics of one day or the last seven days. Is it also possible to see the last seven days on the “social”-page? If yes, how?

    Thanx a lot and best greetings from Germany,

    Martin Vodermair

    • Alex Carusillo says:

      Hey Martin-

      Absolutely. Just click that little toggle in the upper right above the graph and you can see your seven day data. We don’t aggregate anything but you can rewatch, pause, and interact.

      I’m afraid it doesn’t yet work on the social page but it’s good to know you’re interested in seeing it there as well. Will definitely keep that in mind.


  • I dont have the toggle in my dashboard.

    • Alex Carusillo says:

      Hey John-

      We’ll that’s odd! Sorry about the confusion. It should be right there on the content tab. That said If you’re still not seeing it do you want to email the chartcorps (support@chartbeat.com) they’ll be able to help you sort this all out

  • YES!!! Fantastic missing piece! We’re were about to cancel because we really needed this exact feature, so we’re very glad that you added it! Nice timing :-)

    • I appreciate 7 days, but really need to see more past data :(

      Is this something that will be coming soon or am I missing the option to expand beyond just the last seven days?

      • Alex Carusillo says:

        Hi Shane-

        We only support seven days worth of past data. The truth is we’re looking to help you understand things that happened when you couldn’t be around your dashboard rather than giving you longterm insight.

        Understanding trends over time is definitely important but I’m afraid it just doesn’t fit our vision of how Chartbeat should be used. We think Chartbeat is great for understanding what’s happening now and learning how to respond in the future while a proper historical tool is better for analysis.

        I hope that makes sense but feel free to email me at alex@chartbeat.com if you’ve got any other thoughts.