The First Word: Chartbeat Publishing for Ad Sales

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It’s been a just over 24 hours since we introduced Chartbeat Publishing for Ad Sales, and we’re incredibly pumped by people’s reactions so far. Your tweets of support and enthusiasm have been awesome and really the reason we build this stuff in the first place – thanks a ton, Chartfans.

We also want to make sure you had a chance to see what some media thought leaders have said so far, too – just so you didn’t have to only hear our humble brags. We’re psyched by these uber-sharp scribes covering our launch of Chartbeat Publishing for Ad Sales, and so in the spirit of a proud mum making scrapbooks, we’ve gathered some article quotes and links here. Check out what folks are saying: 


Lauren Indvik,  Chartbeat Helps Publishers Sell Time, Not Pageviews

Lauren owns the media and retail space over at Mashable, covering everything from start-up news to how traditional companies are evolving with today’s social web. We dig her ability to explain sometimes-confusing tech topics (like, say Chartbeat’s own tech). Check out her recent breakdown of social commerce.

“Today, most online display ads are sold by the number of impressions or by click-throughs, metrics that favor sites that generate lots of pageviews, perhaps through short articles, sensationalized headlines or slideshows. What those metrics don’t favor is long or engaging journalism — that is, truly interesting content that people spend a lot of time with.”


Josh Sternberg, Chartbeat’s Bid to Measure ‘Engagement’

Josh frequently and fabulously discusses the intersection of publishers, brands, and content. Never shy to share the right story, Josh continues to be an industry go-to for how we’ll solve the monetizable content issue. He recently wrote a piece on Hearst and Google Glass.

“Publishers are caught in an unsustainable pageview arms race. This leads to bad behavior all around. But the problem is, publishers losing at this, even if by choice, are still held to the pageview metrics. This is meant as a way to allow those losing at the pageview game to use a different sort of data.”

Pando Daily

Erin GriffithChartbeat crosses the Chinese wall with ad sales tools, focusing on quality over clicks

As Pando’s New York start-up guru, Erin knows what’s up. She’s a true journalist in the New York tech news scene with a knack for cutting through the BS and spotting, breaking, and spreading the next big stories. Peep her article on evolving dynamics in marketing and e-commerce.

“Once someone has clicked on a link, the monetizable act is complete, regardless of if that person engages with the content. That encourages low quality link-baity content and slideshows. Chartbeat captures information about what happens between the clicks; now it’s selling that info to ad sales teams, who can presumably charge more for delivering a more engaged audience.”


Jeff Jarvis, Selling ads by time, not space

Professor, journalist, and industry voice of reason, Jeff Jarvis remains a go-to source for journalism and online media’s most-pressing issues. He gracefully an thoughtfully navigates a range of topics from ethics in journalism to the implications of major publishers’ technophobia. See his uber-relevant piece on misinformation in the news.

“That’s because people quickly scroll past those banners and all the big hair on the top of the page — logos, promos, and all that — to get to the substance of an article, where they spend time. So inventory that was undervalued becomes more valuable.”

Hope you’ll check out some of the coverage (a huge thank you to Lauren, Josh, Erin and Jeff), and feel free to tweet your thoughts @Chartbeat – we’re on the look out for the good, the bad, and the ugly. And any questions or requests to check it out further can be sent to our Product Outreach gang.

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