Shot for Shot at Internet Week

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At 5pm yesterday I was still recovering – yup, from the night before. That slightly dehydrated feeling, the craving for left over snacks in the fridge, and the sweet scent of stale keg beer are pretty solid signs of an incredible event. So let it be known, Chartbeat and Disqus know how to throw a party.

And throw one we did. With our two companies focused on a similar goal of getting publishers and brands to understand the importance of true engagement — with our recent Chartbeat Publishing for Ad Sales launch and Disqus’s emphasis on transforming time spent into time invested — we decided it was high time we paired up to tell this story together….over a few kegs and some Pies-N-Thighs deliciously deadly sliders.

So we called in a couple of friends to help us tell the story around engagement from their points of view:

  1. Phillip Smith news innovator and publishing consultant lead the discussion and kept the rest of the gents in line.
  2. Joe Alicata from the best real-time data service out there (please don’t tell me I have to clarify: Chartbeat) also bringing with him loads of experience leading product for ESPN.
  3. Ro Gupta VP of Strategy for Disqus and fantastic partner in crime
  4. Sam Slaughter VP of Content for Contently, an incredible company helping brands tell powerful stories
  5. Stuart Schwartzapfel VP of Audience Insights for Big Fuel, who’s about the best advocate for the right kind of social and engagement measurement you could hope to find.
  6. John Keefe Data News Editor for spreading the word about what his team has been built on – build amazing content people engage with, and the rest will come.

To those of you who were able to make it, thank you for coming and bringing your thoughts and questions. It was fun sharing drinks, laughs, bean salad, and geekery with you. If you’d like to be kept in the loop for our upcoming events, just shoot me an email and I’ll keep you posted. If you missed us this time, we’ll have all of it available for your viewing pleasure via a video of the talk in the coming weeks. We’ll kick it your way as soon as it’s available.

Until then, cheers to spreading the good word about engagement!

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