NYC Python and Chartbeat Are Hosting a Mini-Hackathon

Now that we’ve settled into our new digs, we’d like to reach out to the tech community and start hosting more events. Python is Chartbeat’s scripting language of choice, so we’re thrilled to host a hackathon organized by our friends at the NYC Python Meetup group. You can find event details here:

I first started participating in NYC Python almost six years ago, and one of the projects that we started back then was a lovely home page for the group. Since then, NYC Python members have come and gone, and we never really quite got the website to where it should be. This hackathon is dedicated to building a new web presence, and would be perfect for experienced and new Python developers wanting to build a site from scratch. And of course, we hope that it’ll use Chartbeat for some real-time goodies!

Hope to see everyone there!

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