Did You Know: Chartbeat Notable Pages

Here at Chartbeat, we realize you’re super busy and often have a ton of content to comb through, keep an eye on, and generally manage. With this in mind, it’s good to use your time in the Chartbeat dashboard as efficiently as possible. That’s what makes the dashboard module Notable Pages so perfect .

Notable Pages points out key pages you need to be paying attention to right now so you can take action ASAP on these insights.

This module was designed give you interesting facts about your top 20 pages. By checking in with your site every fifteen seconds, Chartbeat is able to accurately track how your audience is interacting with your content in real time.

Notable pages aren’t necessarily your pages with the most concurrents on them. Notable pages signal something interesting and often actionable is happening on a particular page.

Maybe a page has a lot of traffic coming from Twitter. Or perhaps a page has really high Engaged Time. Whatever the fun fact is we’re going to call it out to you!

So now you’re probably wondering, what do I do with Notable Pages? If one of your Notable Pages is getting a lot of visits from an external traffic source that’s linking to the page, this is a perfect opportunity to promote this page on one of your social networks like Twitter or Facebook. Or if this Notable Page has a higher-than-average Engaged Time, it’s worth double-checking the links on that page to make sure you’re encouraging your engaged readers to keep reading on your site after they finish this particular article or post.

If you want more information about Notable Pages head over to our support site. Using Notable Pages in a unique way? Tell me and your fellow Chartbeat brethren all about your mad skills in the Comments.



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