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As the Principle Product Owner of Chartbeat Publishing, part of my role involves staying on top of the latest and greatest stories in online media. After all, if I’m trying to build the most helpful, relevant, and effective products for our clients, I need to know the trends, developments, and new ideas that are happening in the industry.

I’m back on the blog to share few recent favorites from my Instapaper. Today’s suggested reads run the gamut from an update on Nate Silver’s widely-anticipated presence at ESPN to the implications of mobile as the solely growing media platform. Enjoy – and please let me know your thoughts in the Comments.

Is Daniel Ek, Spotify founder, going to save the music industry … or destroy it? The Guardian examines the Swedish entrepreneur, who tells record labels that the best way to survive is to give everything away for free. Most have signed up – but many are yet to be convinced. This quote from Ek, “”Why are we releasing albums the same way as we did 10 years ago? Music is no longer restricted by the format it’s on” made me wonder how Spotify’s lessons might be applicable to online publishers.

Business Insider‘s Henry Blodget tackles the Future of Digital, showing that mobile is the only platform where time is growing. We all know this but how does this change your outlook and where are you focusing? Share your thoughts in the Comments below.

This AdAge piece on AOL’s ad strategy caught my eye – a lot of interesting thoughts around how AOL has structured premium and programmatic to coexist and drive real revenue for their vast volume of content.

Nate Silver is promising data, data, and more data with FiveThirtyEight’s ESPN debut next year according to Neiman Journalism Lab. With that he hopes to push the critical thinking down to the user. We focus every day on the balance between presenting insights and showing deeper data that allows our users to draw additional conclusions. It will be interesting for product teams to learn from the new crop of data journalists as well as how these new disciplines will help the industry push boundaries both on the consumer and business side.

Alexander Howard explores the meaty topic of ethics in data journalism in a great blog post for the Tow Center. As public records go online, what must journalists consider prior to revealing potentially harmful data about the very same public they’re trying to inform?

What articles have caught your eye recently? Share them in the Comments below!

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