You’re Invited! “Building the Attention Web” at Our Office on Monday, May 19

We’re in the business of measuring and monetizing attention on the web. We work with publishers and agencies and brands to help them do just that. In doing so, we’ve learned that in order to move the media industry past valuing only clicks and impressions, it’s going to take all of us working together.

So, let’s do it. Let’s get together to start solving the parts of the advertising and publishing world that are broken.

On Monday, May 19, we’re getting a few smart folks (that’s you) together at our office in Union Square to talk about the value of content and advertising on the web.

We call it “Building the Attention Web.” But you can call it free snacks and nerdery.



The panel discussion will feature:

  • Joy Robins, VP Advertising & Strategy at Quartz
  • Jen Ray, VP Account Director at Havas Media
  • Patrick Yee, Executive Vice President for Marketing & Strategy at Refinery29
  • Daniel Mintz, Head of Business Intelligence at Upworthy
  • Shane Snow, Co-founder at Contently

And of course, everyone’s favorite Brit, Tony Haile, our CEO, will be moderating the panel—by moderating we basically mean heckling and inserting as many bad puns into the conversation as possible.

So let us know if you can come. We’ll save you a seat! But wait, that’s not all…

Also on our agenda for Monday: A Breakfast Engagement with Fred Wilson

Our friends over at Disqus are hosting a breakfast summit that seeks to close the gap between what advertisers and publishers measure and what matters to the people they’re trying to reach.

Tony and Jay Lauf of Quartz will be squaring off to talk about premium content, premium audiences, and what’s next in the world of content measurement. The event will also have talks from folks at Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Etsy, and more.

Looks like we’ll be doing a whole lot of hanging out on Monday, huh? See you then!

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