Thanks for Coming to Our Internet Week Event, New York

To the 100 or so of you media brainiacs who joined us for BBQ and beverages on Monday evening, thank you for making the event a smart and fun one—and by “fun” I mean actually fun, like, the kind where the whole room was smiling and bouncing with an equal amount of laughter and intelligent debate about the next phase of the internet’s economy: the Attention Web.

All the credit goes to our all-star panel of:

  • Joy Robins, VP Advertising & Strategy at Quartz
  • Jen Ray, VP Account Director at Havas Media
  • Patrick Yee, Executive Vice President for Marketing & Strategy at Refinery29
  • Daniel Mintz, Head of Business Intelligence at Upworthy
  • Joe Lazauskas, Editor in Chief at Contently

This crew didn’t shy away from the tough questions that folks like Jorge Urrutia of The Huffington Post or Jonathan Goldner from MTV thew at them. Their points of view represented the whole ecosystem of media and advertising, from editorial and ad sales to agencies and brands. They equally pushed one another in finding a solution for moving our industry forward—away from purely clicks and toward truly understanding and monetizing what audiences care most about—and held themselves and their teams accountable for change they personally can effect.

These guys are leading the way toward a more sustainable economy on the web, as is the Financial Times, which just today announced a brand-new way of selling advertising. But they’re not the only ones. Who else is out there taking a stand against linkbait, proxy metrics, and a disruptive web experience? Who else is making moves toward a media business that respects its audience’s wants, values relationships, and holds the best experiences at a premium?

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