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In summer 2013, we introduced our first advertising tool to help premium publishers monetize their audience’s attention. 15 months later, that one tool is now part of an expanded platform that provides media planning, reporting, and strategic services to premium publishers that want to measure and sell attention. Today we’re thrilled to announce that the Media Rating Council (the MRC) has accredited 21 of the metrics featured in our advertising platform. In the post below I explain what this accreditation means for Chartbeat and the larger attention economy.

We got accredited!

One of the stranger things about entering into ad tech for the first time is learning that all the stuff that made you successful elsewhere isn’t enough anymore. You can’t just build cool new technology or awesome interfaces. You can’t just have positive press. You can’t even just have people love what you do and pay to use it. Advertising is big and scary and impossibly competitive and the rules are just different and there are a lot more of them. While it’s been hard to find someone who thought the monetization of attention wasn’t worthwhile it has been even harder to find people who thought it was something they could actually do. No amount of desire alone can change the system – you need to change the structure first. And so that’s what we’ve started to do.

This means we need to do more than just adding a new dashboard link to someone’s bookmarks or some vanity metric to someone’s spreadsheet. It means making a fundamental change to the way success on the internet is evaluated and rewarded, building an internet where our best instincts are also the right ones. And today – after nearly six months of sleepless detail work – I think we’re starting to get there. Because today I get to say that our metrics have been accredited by the Media Rating Council.

So…what’s the MRC?

Like I said: the strangest thing about entering into ad tech is that it’s not clear what it takes to go from “neat service” to a world viable system. Pro-tip for those of you at home turns out the first step is passing a Media Rating Council audit.

But who is this the Media Rating Council (MRC from here on out) and what are they about? The MRC is an industry body that audits and accredits internet measurements to ensure that they’re “valid, reliable, and effective.” There’s a whole lot of money flowing through the internet and there are a bunch of people with conflicting interests trying to say what portion of that rightfully belongs to them. The MRC exists to make sure that everyone is on equal footing and that people can trust the numbers they use. Without them you’ve got a bunch of conflicting and unreliable numbers that aren’t good for much more the decoration. With them you’ve got reliable metrics you can build businesses on. And now Chartbeat metrics can be counted among those reliable metrics.



Chartbeat MRG


What does accreditation change right now?

So what does that mean? Well, it means we get to put a new logo on our homepage and talk about our “twenty-one accredited metrics that go beyond just viewability” but more importantly it means that this “Attention Web” we talk so much about can turn into an Attention Economy. We’ve been driving this idea for a couple years now — we’ve always believed that the click and the impression are not the way advertisers should value content. It just doesn’t make sense. A heady piece on global policy in the Financial Times is just a fundamentally better opportunity for an advertiser (and for the internet in general) than one on some clickbait blog. It just is.

You can trust science, the market, or just common sense, but no matter which way you look at it you end with high quality writing being worth more than low quality stuff.

But before this accreditation came through it didn’t matter how much you believed in that “attention is valuable” story because you still couldn’t sell it.

That time is over.

At its narrowest interpretation, Chartbeat’s MRC accreditation means premium publishers, advertisers and agencies can now use attention as a currency. But a whole new internet economy isn’t far away if attention is a fundamentally valuable thing on the internet – and Chartbeat gets to be at least partially responsible for that.

What’s next?

Here’s the cool part though – this isn’t just about money and sales teams getting higher CPMs. This isn’t even really about advertising.

It’s about a better internet – the one we were promised from the start.

This accreditation gives us the ability to express our core idea that the quality of website experience is, above all, universal. We’re getting closer to building a world where measurement arises from an ad experience’s purpose and not what was easy to track (clicks). Where the business side and the editorial side of a company believe the readers comes first. Where the the quality of a publication’s content sustains its business, not the number of people who click an ad near that creation. That’s a pretty cool world. And that’s the success we wanted all along.


Check out the Chartbeat Ads Platform for yourself

We’re Heading to #ONA14

September 24th, 2014 by Alexandra

Tomorrow, the Chartbeat crew is headed to the Windy City to set up camp at the Online News Association’s annual conference. Tony, Dustin, Nik, Bill, Jared, and I are looking forward to catching up with some of the best and brightest in digital media to talk all things data, quality, and attention. If you’re attending, you should swing by our demo and catch Tony on the main stage.

Nik Giving you the Scoop on Attention Metrics

Building the Attention Web: Practical Applications for Your Team

Swing by our booth in the midway on Thursday at 10:45 a.m. for tea, scones, demos, and discussion. Nik Nadolski, our lead Chartcorps member, will be breaking down the research behind the Attention Web, and explaining how Chartbeat tools can help organizations use attention metrics to boost return visits, build loyalty across platforms and formats (mobile/video), and prove the value of their engaging content.Read: He’ll be giving you the skinny on best practices and sharing tales of Chartbeat in action on the front lines.

Tony Breaking Down The Attention Economy

A Data State of the Union: Can We Make Quality Pay Online?

Our beloved CEO (and everyone’s favorite Brit), Tony Haile will be taking the stage on Friday at 10 Chicago Ballroom VI. He’ll be diving into the challenges and promises of building a sustainable currency of quality on the Attention Web. Specifically, he’ll be helping you understand how and what we’re consuming on the web, from the state of the homepage to the rise of mobile to the opportunities for display advertising and the truth about native ads.

Give us a shout if you’re heading that way. We’ll also be demoing products and talking shop in the Midway from Thursday to Saturday, so please come by and say hi! We’d love to hear your take on things.

We strive to help you understand your audience – who they are and how and where they engage with your digital products. As your audience’s consumption experiences continue to evolve across platforms and formats, Chartbeat too continues to grow to make sure you’re capturing that audience attention wherever it happens. For some, the less visible audiences are in places like video and mobile, which is why we’ve made two additions to the Chartbeat Publishing product that will help: the Daily Video Perspective and in-app tracking for Android and iOS.

Daily Video Perspective: What They’re Watching

Last year, we released the Chartbeat Publishing Video Dashboard, giving you real time insight into how your audience is engaging with your video content. As anticipated, we heard from many of you that you needed a deeper level of overall performance, across longer time frames to truly understand how your content is performing.

Want to see the Daily Video Perspective + Video Dashboard in action? We’re hosting a webinar-style walkthrough, October 1st at 1p EST. Register Now

Enter the Daily Video Perspective where we show your best performing videos from the previous day (or any day). Sort on time spent watching or video starts to see which videos were popular and for how long.

Under the heading Appears On, you’ll see exactly where, on your site, this particular video worked best. The upshot: video has to be in highly visible places (well-trafficked articles, for eg.) but the fit has to be right as well. If not, starts and engagement will suffer.

And keep your eye out for videos that still have life in them. What has the legs to carry over to today?

crushing video

 See top videos by starts and total engaged minutes: get video in front of more eyes and optimize clips for better attention.

Use the Summary tab to get an overview of the previous day’s total video performance stacked up against the past 30 days, in two categories: total engagement and total starts. You’ll also be able to see when your video audience was on your site with a 24-hour time series (blue line) compared to seven days ago (grey line).


Mobile App Tracking: Attention SDK Testers

Our goal with building out our Android and IOS SDKs for in-app tracking is to help you go beyond the (mobile) web to give you the whole story on your visitors and the way they interact with your content.

It’s clear your mobile audience, especially in-app, needs to be represented in the dashboard. As we all know, mobile traffic is only growing (up to 80% year over year, with video being a strong driver), while the number of pure internet users has only experience a slight increase (less than 10% year over year).

Once you add our SDKs, these audiences will be visible directly in your dashboard. See what content they are consuming, engagement levels, visitor frequency, time of day trends, etc. – every dimension of audience identity and behavior that the Chartbeat dashboard supports.


Measure attention wherever it happens

Want access to the Video Dashboard? Interested in our mobile SDKs? Just want to share your thoughts and feedback? Great! We want to hear from you.

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