Week in [Read] View | Week of August 24

We’re all about attention. Here are a few stories from the week that captured ours.

Why media quality matters when it comes to cleaning up digital advertising

Niall Hogan | The Drum | August 24   (3 min read)
“Addressing media quality will be key to cleaning up digital advertising.”

Mobile Readers Abound; the Ads, Not So Much

Jack Marshall | The Wall Street Journal | August 24   (4 min read)
“The difficulty of targeting is one reason mobile revenue is growing more slowly than mobile traffic.”

‘No news organization has all the answers’ – Q&A with Sarah Marshall

Mădălina Ciobanu | Journalism.co.uk | August 24   (2 min read)
“I was given a piece of advice that I frequently return to. The exact words were: “When you arrive to report on a story, turn off the car’s engine and take 30 seconds to stop and think about what the final radio package will sound like.”

Want to create a more digital newsroom? Find your inner startup

Freek Staps | Nieman Lab | August 25   (20 min read)
“Journalism is the only profession, Sree said, that prides itself on not knowing about its financials. But he thinks journalists should learn everything about their business.”

The Washington Post unveils dynamic new homepage, completing its site-wide reboot

WashPost PR Blog | August 26    (2 min read)
“We’ve built this page so it can transform and evolve. If news warrants, readers could see an entirely different homepage look every day of the week.”

The Atlantic is returning to blogging

Joseph Lichterman | Nieman Lab | August 27    (3 min read)
“We missed the kind of writing it represents. We missed the kind of audience engagement it represents.”

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