3 Questions Chartbeat Can Answer for Content Creators

Amid all the activity in a digital newsroom, it can be difficult to find the time and tools to put traffic analytics to work and really get to know your audience. There are plenty of raw numbers out there, but which are the most meaningful for you – your role, your workflow, your daily goals?

Well worry no more, because we’ve got the answers. In this series, we’re going to walk you through what each member of a publishing team, from content creators to social media mavens to audience analysts, can do with attention metrics and Chartbeat tools to get the most out of every story.

Let’s start at the beginning of each story that gets posted: with the writer.

Quality. Quantity. Speed. These are the three goals of stellar content creators. In pursuit of each of these goals, you’ve got to be constantly asking why. Why is my article spiking among Facebook readers? Why is mobile traffic predominantly from Europe? Why is my story on Donald Trump less engaging than my average?

Of course, you can only answer these kinds of questions once you’re armed with real-time audience analytics. If you’re the principal force behind quality content, you’ve got to be the front line of data optimization. That’s where Chartbeat comes in. We help you measure, pique, and keep audience attention.

Content creators everywhere can use Chartbeat Publishing to answer:

  1. How is your content performing – second-by-second, pixel-by-pixel? Measure meaningfully. All Chartbeat tools give a holistic overview of content, highlighting not only raw traffic and referral sources, but engagement as well.Never miss an opportunity. The realm of digital publishing is full of surprises, but when you’re able to map audience behavior in real time you’ll never be left behind. The Chartbeat Editorial Dashboard helps hundreds of thousands journalists worldwide understand what content is resonating with their audiences right now – and what to do about it. We even notify you when a story is taking off.
  2. How can you be empowered to make editorial changes in the moment, acquire new visitors, and build a loyal audience? Use the Heads Up Display, a screen overlay that displays real-time visitor data on top of home, section, or article pages, to see how far down the page readers are scrolling and restructure content accordingly. Where do readers bounce? Is your best quote buried too deep in the story? Do the opening paragraphs contain too much background?Content’s got to work for all audiences. Pivot on mobile traffic in the Editorial Dashboard to understand how a story is performing among mobile readers. There, you’ll not only see how many mobile readers are active on your content, but for how long they’re engaging.
  3. How can you take control of your data in real-time?The Chartbeat Publishing Suite puts data in the hands of the people who know the work best. Use the Daily Content Perspective to learn what referral sources love your content. Use the Editorial Dashboard to determine whether your message is landing. Use the Heads Up Display to tie it all together. There’s a Chartbeat tool for every step of the content creation process.

For more information on how Chartbeat Publishing helps Content Creators keep it cool, reach out to productoutreach@chartbeat.com.

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