Does Native Ad Content Work?

April 1st, 2014 by Kyle

As Advertising Week Europe gets into full swing in London, native advertising is undoubtedly the talk of the town. Our own UK representative, Chartbeat CEO Tony Haile, couldn’t make it across the pond to attend, but he did sit down yesterday with the Media Briefing to talk about the question on everyone’s minds: Does this ... Keep reading

Chartcorps Challenge: Taking Advantage of an Article with High Recirculation

March 26th, 2014 by Andrew

“Oh snap, this article has ridiculously high Recirculation, what’s the best thing we can do with this in real time?” This is a question we’re hearing more and more from editorial teams since our release of the Recirculation feature as part of our Chartbeat Publishing revamp back in December. It’s also a question that brings attention ... Keep reading

How to Leverage Real-Time Data to Develop an A/B Testing Strategy

March 24th, 2014 by Chris Tiutan

How do you measure your visitors? Maybe you’ve lived by pageviews, monthly unique visitors, or ‘click’ measurements on various elements on a web page. Or, maybe you use a more sophisticated metric, such as Chartbeat’s Engaged Time. At the end of the day, we’re looking to get a better understanding of our audiences. We can then ... Keep reading

How Long Are Viewable Impressions Actually Seen?

March 23rd, 2014 by Alex Carusillo

On Friday, Digiday wrote a piece examining some assumptions that are all too often made about the way people read on the internet. It covered a bunch of our favorite stuff including that the conventionally “good” advertising spots aren’t necessarily in the places people read. In addition, Lucia introduced something we’ve been thinking about a lot ... Keep reading

Chartcorps Challenge: Developing Your Website’s New, Returning & Loyal Visitors

March 19th, 2014 by Clara

Growing an audience is about doing two things: getting new visitors in the door and getting them to come back. Many websites can successfully pull off one of the two, but it’s far more difficult pulling off both. If your goal as a publisher is to convert your fly-by visitors into die-hard loyalists, then you ... Keep reading