At Chartbeat, we love ourselves some tech nerdery. We like computer things, internet things, and all the latest gadget things. But we also know that not everyone’s like that, so some of the hacks that we use to make our Chartbeat lives easier might not be immediately obvious to everyone.That’s why the Chartcorps wanted to […] Keep reading
People frequently take social media interactions as the de facto standard for “engagement” with a piece. The idea is that people who like, favorite, comment on, or share an article are likely to have consumed it entirely. While there’s some kernel of truth here, our data suggests that measuring audience attention and tallying shares are […] Keep reading
In April 2009, John Borthwick asked me to join a fledgling Betaworks company created by the wonderful Billy Chasen. For the first year there were just two of us trying to build an analytics business in a world where Google Analytics was both free and universally installed. It took 11 months to get to $10k in […] Keep reading
Digital content creators need metrics that are meaningful, insights that are actionable, and tools that are powerful. Here’s why Chartbeat fits the bill: First things first: Let’s talk about roots.Chartbeat Publishing was born and bred in the newsroom. While several peers offer great options to cover a wide range of clients, these tools are often […] Keep reading
In the realm of network ad tags, losing weight really comes down to cutting down page load times. That’s why when we wrote our 2016 digital media resolutions, we were sure to discuss the importance of page load. Here’s the situation: 47% of consumers expect a web page to load in 2 seconds or less […] Keep reading