Consumption of news video online has been on the rise for years — both in terms of number of video viewers and time spent watching. Revenue from video display ads has also increased, and at a faster rate than for any other display category.Quality video production and data-driven promotion strategies have never been more valuable to publishers. Good […] Keep reading
BackgroundA few weeks ago, our support team received an email from a Report Builder-savvy customer at the Poughkeepsie Journal who wanted to examine the differences in user engagement between their top articles on desktop computers vs. mobile devices. He wanted to better understand any differences in behavior so he and his team could be more […] Keep reading
According to the Pew Research Center, 30 of the top 50 digital news sites get more traffic to their sites and associated applications from mobile devices than from desktop. But we don’t need to tell you how important mobile is.We’ll just tell you why mobile teams across 65 countries love Chartbeat Publishing and how they […] Keep reading
As many major publishers and platforms have transitioned to using HTTPS, a great move for user privacy and security, a side effect has been a commensurate rise in dark social traffic — traffic that can’t be attributed to a particular referrer. Luckily, sites using HTTPS can still have their outbound traffic properly attributed if they […] Keep reading
You’re in the zone — maybe it was the bold choice to start the day with that extra-large cold brew — but your ears perk up when you hear someone mention that your site is about to set a monthly high in concurrents. Instead of breaking stride to log into a bunch of dashboards, all […] Keep reading