Update: a reader wrote in with the great suggestion of examining the effect of direct quotations in headlines. We found that headlines with direct quotes are 14% more likely to win headline tests than average headlines, making them the second most effective headline style we’ve tested. Please comment or get in touch with other suggestions […] Keep reading
Download now: 7 steps for successful headline testing When it comes to headlines, what’s the secret to writing and testing for success?Our new Chartbeat Insider Guide, How to Use Headline Testing to Hook and Hold Readers, will walk you through testing headlines effectively to building long-term strategies. Oh, and you’ll get our template for planning […] Keep reading
An advantage of working at Chartbeat is that one has no shortage of data from which to derive insight. Our growth over the last year has meant we now track almost half a trillion events per month. This enables us to deeply understand patterns of user behaviour in 60 countries and across 50,000 websites. It […] Keep reading
Week of October 26 We’re all about attention. Here are a few stories from the week that captured ours. Keep reading
Roman Heindorff is the co-founder and CEO of Camayak, a content production tool that empowers editors, improves communication, and streamlines newsroom workflow.I suddenly sat up. Five minutes into a presentation by the local Indianapolis media leader at this college media convention, Chartbeat had come onto the agenda. As the speaker described how critical Chartbeat was […] Keep reading