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We’ve been in our “new” office space for a few months and it’s high time you got an inside look at where your favorite data-crunching nerds spend countless hours building the products you obsess over.

Chartbeat Studios – occupying what was formerly a yoga studio – is a window-filled 12,000 sq. foot space right off Union Square – and we’ll be the first to admit it’s still a work in progress. But thus far the design decisions have centered around reflecting who we are, what we value, and how we work. To break that down: folks are building, brainstorming, and iterating together every day, and we needed an environment that encouraged fresh thinking, diverse work styles, and a whole lot of creativity.

Practically speaking, the space had to support a Chartteamer’s many initiatives: At Chartbeat, someone is a part of several project teams at any given time, and we wanted an office that made collaboration easy, but remained comfortable for all kinds of different working preferences.

Since a few people have asked about our design and decor choices for Chartbeat Studios, we thought we’d share a few key aspects of our thought processes when it came to making this space home.


1. Think beyond cubicles.

The main Chartbeat bullpen is just a bunch of desks arranged according to product and project teams. Our lightweight (and frankly, inexpensive) desks keep our work areas mobile – you can change where you sit depending on what you’re working on during a 6-week cycle.

But a desk is just one of your many options. A lot of us take advantage of oversized bean bag chairs, couches, and communal tables spread out around the office. If the bullpen gets too loud, you can escape to the back library room for quiet solo work. P.S. – The library is also known as the puppytorium, since its the preferred hangout spot for our fabulous fidos.

Pups aside, your work varies throughout the course of the day – and so can your working style – so we know it’s sometimes absolutely necessary to change up your workspace.

2. Write on (almost) anything.

Meetings happens any and everywhere at Chartbeat Studios. So we’ve designed the entire space so that writing on tables and walls with dry-erase markers, (not permanent ones), is totally and completely acceptable. If you need to draw an impromptu product roadmap or just timeline what you’ve had for lunch this week (kale, kale, more kale), there are plenty of surfaces that function very much like an oversized Etch a Sketch.

3. Reflect your company’s personality in things big and small.

Since we’re a startup, we relied on a few design-inclined team members who volunteered (ahem @thisislankylank) to “hack” the space for a few months. We aimed for clean, simply-designed spaces with meaningful details, much like the mentality we have when it comes to building products around here. For Chartbeat that means embracing our nerdiness and making the work we do front and center in our office.

That means things like displaying vintage tech magazines ordered via eBay (geeking out circa 1983), commissioning data-inspired artwork created by our own designers, and framing portraits of every canine team member (if you can’t tell by now, the dog thing goes way beyond minor obsession here).

More importantly, we’ve created a data-driven space with screens around the office featuring Chartbeat data along with other key analytics that inform the work we do. Similar to many of our clients with Big Boards in their newsrooms, these screens keep the Chartteam up-to-date and in-the-know.

4. Get eco-friendly when you can.

The environmental footprint of a 50+ person company can get huge, so a few key details help make things a bit eco-friendlier. On your first day at Chartbeat, you receive a rad, personalized Greensender water bottle – it’s swag that helps us avoid creating more waste too.

Because we have Joyride Coffee in the office, folks typically enjoy homebrewed caffeine in reusable mugs, which has been another awesome way to reduce our trash output. And if you commute to Chartbeat via bike, we’ve got a bike rack ready for you, plus a shower too, for you and the sake of those who sit near you.

5. Get the whole gang involved.

As you can imagine, the Chartteam felt pretty strongly about their workspace – and they let us know  it. And Chartbeat Studios was all the better because of their opinions and ideas. There’s a shark head on the wall, a seltzer tap in the kitchen, and famous nerd pinups (SFW obviously) in the restrooms, all thanks to suggestions from the Chartbeat crew. Contributions like these helped make the space feel like it belonged to everyone.

A small but substantial initiative also depended on everyone’s participation. Everyone helped build out the Chartbeat library by suggesting their favorite books. It’s a growing collection of peoples’ favorite books (work-related and not) from which any Chartteam member can borrow. We like to think of the library is a physical testament to the collaboration happening around the clock.

Basically, we’re pretty convinced that you can crush the biggest issues, build the best things, whip up the smartest ideas and ultimately do your best work when you’re in a space that fits right into your life. A lot of times that means making things easier, and well, nicer for everyone here, whether it’s the abundant natural sunlight or the fact that you’re surrounded by the stuff you’ve helped build when you’re at the office.

Months later, Chartbeat is almost fully settled in our Union Square digs. We’ve done everything from opening our doors to people during Internet Week to hosting a Chartladies movie night to getting a little design love from Mashable. The environment is all about what Chartbeat is about – fresh thinking, collaborating, and building good stuff – and that’s working out pretty dang well so far.

Hope this paints a good picture for you – swing by any time!

PS- Come join the Chartteam, we’ve got room for you.

“What’s the company culture like at Chartbeat?”

This is undoubtedly the most-asked question I get when folks are interviewing at Chartbeat.

These days, highly talented candidates need more than just a company logo and a text description to get excited about joining a team. They want a behind-the-scenes look at each company, the people who work there and what they love about it.

Lucky for us, we’ve found a way to give job seekers just that! I’m excited to announce that we’ve partnered with the fabulous team over at The Muse to give you an inside look at what it’s like to work at Chartbeat.

Click here to head on over to The Muse and check out our company profile. You’ll be able to tour our brand new digs in Union Square, meet some of our kick-ass employees and learn how we nerd-out (typically over a Miller High Life) at Chartbeat.

And because we believe culture is additive, we’re always looking to hire more insanely smart people just like you. If you’re a data-loving nerd at heart and ready to join the fun at Chartbeat, get in touch with us or check out one of our awesome job openings. We’d love to meet you.

Josh from Chartbeat: Competent team from The Muse on Vimeo.

The Muse is a site dedicated to helping folks make better-informed, super-savvy career decisions. Check it out for career advice, in-depth company features (like ours!), and job listings.


This is a big month for Chartbeat. The company just hit its fourth birthday, we’re debuting our new office digs to the public, and most importantly, we’re releasing several awesome new features and products in the coming weeks.

As you know we’ve been busy – we’ve had our hands full in the data science lab studying audience development and our metric Engaged Time, we pushed out some sweet changes to the Heads Up Display, and AdAge’s article about our new quality-focused advertising product got us some love too. Plus we put together an Engaged Time infographic to help people understand this key metric a bit more. And that’s all just in the past few weeks!

Since we’re pretty pumped about the work we’ve been doing and these crazy-big upcoming milestones, we thought this month would be a great time to reflect on where we’ve been and talk about where we’re going. And we’ll discuss the amazing things our clients have achieved despite the online publishing industry’s ups and downs.

So stay tuned for some storytelling, some humblebrags about our way-too-cool clients, and even a few thoughts from our CEO, Tony. And possibly some shameless shots of our office dogs because they’ve been along for the journey too.

Thanks for celebrating with us all month long!

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We faced contract battles, a million different opinions, and scariest of all, New York City building permit laws in our quest for a new Chartbeat workspace. Luckily we’re nearly there – and we’re all thrilled about the first-ever home of our very own (thanks Betaworks, for being so generous all these years!) Here’s what we’re most looking forward to in our new Chartbeat office.

In last week’s post we mentioned that Chartbeat is just weeks away from moving into our new space in Union Square. This move has been in the works for a long time, and our new office is the result of the combined efforts of architects, contractors, a great construction team, and two fantastic Chartladies, Kelli and Antonia, our Base Camp Manager and Head of Ops, respectively.

The new space is a whole lot bigger than our temporary, “cozy” office is, and promises to accommodate our growing team. We’re looking forward to hosting many events (happy hour, anyone?), as well as having people come work and play with us too – for hack weeks, collaboration projects, or just to borrow a desk for a bit. We’re all pretty psyched for more meeting rooms, a bigger fridge (or even the possibility of two big fridges?!?), and being steps away from a gazillion public transport options.

To give you a sneak preview of our new space, I asked Kelli and Antonia (pictured above), a few questions about what we can expect from the new digs.

Describe the new Chartbeat work space in three words:

Kelli: Bright. Collaborative. Energizing.

Antonia: Grown-up. Liberating. The next big thing to hit Union Square…does that count as more than 3 words?

What feature or design element are you most excited about?

Kelli: The coffee station!  We’re upgrading from our little Keurig (RIP) to a major set up – including cold brewed iced coffee in the fridge.

Antonia: I’m pumped to be in a space in which I can write on, project on or tack onto every surface (many of the walls will be covered in writeable or magnetic paint). A beer fridge. The best couch ever.

What were the biggest challenges when it came to designing and constructing the space?

Kelli:  Finding the balance between work and play, and trying to scale for a growing company.

Antonia: We were seriously delayed by permit issues and then by Sandy, both of which were out of our control. We want an open space and a space where people can work collaboratively, but we also need a place where we can find quiet/zen time to focus and crank on work — it’s a hard balance to strike.

Where did you draw inspiration from when it came to envisioning the new space?

Kelli: The Chartteam filled my inbox with incredible ideas, I also spent hours perusing office snapshots, plus The Next Web’s Awesome Offices and Business Insider Office Tours for some serious design inspiration.

Antonia: The team. We had wish lists, team meetings with the architects, emails from team members with photos of other offices, design ideas, etc. Our inspiration was basically a Pinterest board of everyone’s visions for their ideal working spaces.

What were the most ridiculous requests for the new office that you received?

Kelli: Ninja Warrior Training Equipment–I’m not exactly sure what that even is. And I believe on my first day at Chartbeat, Tony requested a life-size Connect Four board–an interesting request from a CEO.

Antonia:  A moving rock wall ( it’s sort of an upwards treadmill), which I am very seriously considering.


Stay tuned for more updates about our move, and be sure to stop by when we’re settled in.