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As an Account Manager here at Chartbeat, I love sharing the cool things our clients are doing – and occasionally throwing in a Chartbeat humblebrag too. I hope you’ll enjoy this quick use case about the WFAA news site in Texas that uses real-time data to inform not just its website, but its on-air newscast as well. Share your thoughts in the Comments section

The Issue: Ready for real-time data

WFAA-Dallas, a Belo news network affiliate, was taking on a huge challenge. For the first time, WFAA was integrating its digital and on-air teams for more cohesive coverage, with the two teams increasing their collaboration on content. This team reconfigurement included making online content data available to all on-air producers –  no easy task.

Back then, WFAA’s original analytics programs required creating reports that only sometimes made it to the TV team in time for the midday news show. That data was often several hours old – meaning the window of opportunity to promote a spiking story was lost, nor were the TV producers always aware of sudden high-traffic stories. WFAA needed data that matched the pace of their newly aligned TV and online teams. (Bet you see where this is going, right?)

wfaa belo-2

Data-driven integration

In 2011, Belo brought Chartbeat to their network of stations, including WFAA. Chartbeat’s real-time data was soon an integral part of the newsroom’s workflow. To bridge the teams and facilitate the constant dialogue between them they physically combined the newsrooms and put up two easy-to-see Chartbeat monitors that display WFAA’s data.

The two large Chartbeat monitors – one complete with keyboard and mouse for real-time interaction – provide an ambient way for the team to stay informed up-to-the-minute about WFAA’s audience. Through these the both teams know what digital content could benefit from on-air follow up. Douglass Boehner, Digital Operations Manager describes the staff using Chartbeat as a source for discovering content that has great online or on-air potential.

Stronger content from screen to screen

These days a typical online-TV integrated workflow might start off with a story that spikes on Chartbeat. The digital team then promotes the story through social media. The on-air team adds it to the next broadcast and incorporates online or social comments.

WFAA’s efforts are an example of collaboration at its finest, in part due to both teams digging in to Chartbeat’s real-time data. TV producers are informed about story ideas that might otherwise stay beneath their radar. They know what their audience is reading and talking about every second of the day.

“Chartbeat starts the conversation.
It’s there telling you things you need to know right now.
Chartbeat doesn’t dictate the news, but it can create a strategy for what needs to be done.”
– Douglass Boehner, Operations Manager, WFAA.COM

In life you only have one chance to make that first impression – and the same can be said for interacting with new visitors on your site. It’s like going on a first date. Impress them with your good manners, and remember to hold doors open for them.

With Chartbeat, our data helps you learn about your site’s new visitors and then wow them with strategic content choices.


The “Visits” tab in the Chartbeat Publishing dashboard is powerful way to find the breakdown between your new and returning visitors. Who are those folks who haven’t been on your site in at least the past 30 days? Click on the word “New” to find out where your new visitors are going in droves.

new filtered

The “Top Pages” list will then surface the places on your site that have the most new visitors. What articles are really resonating with those new viewers?

Find the articles with the highest percentage of new visitors. Those new visitors may never actually reach your homepage so treat those pages as portals for your newest readers to dig into your site and find the best content your site has to offer.

Add additional multimedia to create a richer experience and curate the related links so new readers have more to read on that topic. Give your new readers your best content so they have more and more reasons to stick around now and to come back again soon.

This is your chance to hook new readers so go ahead and shower, brush your hair and be the best you can be to capture the attention of your new audience.


One of the amazing things about Chartbeat is the speed at which we can deploy new products and then make changes to them. A lot of this is due to  how we listen to our clients and adapt products and features based on their needs. It’s been just over a month since we launched the Chartbeat Publishing Video Dashboard and we already have some key product updates and great use cases from our clients.

Big-time dashboard updates

The Dashboard itself has seen a few changes to make it easier to understand the breadth of your video engagement. You can now infinitely scroll the left-hand Watching Now column to see all your videos that are currently being viewed. We have also improved the cross linking between the Video Dashboard and Chartbeat Publishing so you can jump easily into deeper page level stats around where your video is placed.

After spending time with our clients to see how they were using the Video Dashboard, we also expanded the usefulness of the Site Overview. First, we focused on showing you more opportunities to take action with a longer list of “Highly Engaged” pages you should consider adding video to. This is the single easiest way to improve video engagement on your site by simply taking advantage of where your users already are and placing video within those articles.

Second, we improved our “Recently High Engaged Score” algorithm to better surface videos you should consider adding to those highly engaged pages that are lacking video content.

Lastly we have made it easier for large sites to see categories of videos by adding sections that use the metadata associated with your video clips to group videos into their respective sections. So if you are the politics section lead, you can focus your efforts on that one area, for example.

More plugins for everyone

Of course all of this Video Dashboard goodness isn’t useful if the implementation is too time-consuming to make the cut for your dev teams. In an effort to make integration even easier we have added a list of new plugins – with more plugins still to come. We just wrapped up plugins for both Kaltura and The Platform, which are additions to the currently supported Brightcove and Ooyala players.

Of course we still have our SDKs which can be integrated into any player environment your dev teams have control over.

Clients already making moves with the Video Dashboard

Since launch our clients are using the Chartbeat Publishing Video Dashboard in some amazing ways. One team has used the Dashboard to help them determine the optimal length of videos to actually increase engagement. They found more short form content drives increased engagement versus featuring fewer longer clips.

Another client is using the “Highly Engaged” list of videos to drive what’s included in playlists around the site, increasing video engagement overall with a better understanding of context.

Want to feast your eyes on a real Chartbeat Publishing Video Dashboard? Thanks to The Daily Racing Forum you can check out a live video dashboard for yourself.

Webinar topic: Understanding how to leverage your video inventory and build a loyal audience

Great video content is a huge aspect of your site’s overall health – that much is clear, but what’s the strategy for something that hasn’t traditionally had a strategy in the past? In last month’s awesome webinar we went over ways to get the most of out of your existing video library and covered topics ranging from helping underperforming videos find new audiences to getting maximum ROI out of existing videos. Check out the webinar below, and feel free to suggest future webinar topics in the Comments section below.

Our awesome webinar leaders

Joe Alicata joined the Chartteam in 2013 after several impressive years as ESPN’s Senior Director of Product Development. At ESPN, Joe led teams that created a variety of innovative apps and video platforms that vastly expanded the scope of ESPN’s digital presence. His experiences bring a progressive, industry insider’s perspective to his responsibilities as Principal Product Owner of Chartbeat Publishing.

Doug Benedicto came to Chartbeat in 2012. He’s now the team lead for the Chartcorps, where he serves as one of our product and industry experts, having spent extensive time working with editorial staff at every sort of content publisher big and small.

 PS- Check out our new Chartbeat Publishing Video Dashboard!

video dahs

As Joe wrote on Monday, publishers are doubling down on producing video content, but right now many people have little-to-no insight into how their video strategies are working – if they’re lucky enough to have a video strategy at all. We’re now giving you real-time data on how video is performing across your site and across the web, focusing especially on getting your most engaging videos in front of your visitors.

The Chartbeat Publishing Video Dashboard provides hugely important insights that are often missing from current video strategies, which is the context of your video content on your pages – as well as pages outside of your own site. Stand-alone video pages rarely prove successful for even the biggest publishers, while engaging articles can be bolstered by a quality video that supports the story in the text.

Now that we’ve armed you with some video strategy tips, so now let’s take a look at the new Chartbeat Publishing Video Dashboard.

Performance: Know what’s doing well

To understand how each video is performing, we’re focusing on five metrics – key measurements we see as the foundation for your coherent video content strategy. all of which are either new signature Chartbeat measurements or are select industry metrics that Chartbeat calculates differently through our real-time ping methodology:

A: Watching Now: The number of people watching your video right now

  • What are most people watching? This metric helps you understand in real time which videos your audience is actively paying attention to. It’s not just the number of people who’ve loaded the page or even loaded the video – it’s the number who’ve actually started watching the video itself.

B: Play Rate: The percentage of visitors who actually played your video

  • When your visitors see an embedded video, are they clicking play? This gives you insight into which videos people want to watch – which is influenced by the thumbnail image, the content of the video, and the context of the video embed on the page itself.

C: Average Engagement: The percent of each video that is actually watched

  • How much of your video are your visitors actively watching? Just starting the video isn’t good enough. If you want them to come back tomorrow and the next day, you need to serve them video they want to sit through. The longer they’re watching, the better experience they’re having, and the more likely they are to come back to you for video.

D: Engagement Score: A single, consolidated score for evaluating your videos

  • When the length of your videos varies, comparing video content can be inaccurate based purely on time or number of watches. Building off our Average Engagement metric, this score helps you easily compare video performance by grouping and contrasting videos with similar characteristics (notably length), so you’re comparing apples to apples.

Ad Drop-Off: The number of visitors leaving the video during ad pre-roll 

  • Pre-roll ads are great for monetizing content, but are some ads and video content not playing well together? It is a great feeling when a piece of video content is getting a ton of page views. It is a terrible feeling when you realize later in the day that hardly anyone made it past the ad pre-roll. Avoid surprises.

  • We let you know, in real-time, how many people aren’t getting past the ad, so you can be ready to switch in a different ad – or, in some cases, to lose the ad altogether to let your content shine.


Context: Know where your video is doing well

Unlike written content, which tends to be on a single page, a video can be embedded in a lot of different places – multiple articles pages, the homepage, video-specific pages, or even on other people’s sites.

When you click on a video in the Chartbeat Publishing Video Dashboard, you can see where that video is getting watched the most and compare performance metrics across all of those pages.

Opportunities: Find top pages that don’t have videos

Knowing where video is doing well is important, but what about where your video could be doing well? Because we look at your site holistically, rather than just your video content, we can highlight your best-performing articles that don’t have videos. Treat those as opportunities – places you might consider for video embeds.

Learn more about the Chartbeat Publishing Video Dashboard

You can learn more by visiting the Video Dashboard product page (link only works if you’re logged out of your Chartbeat account). I hope this introduction pumped you up for the Video Dashboard – feel free to share your questions or feedback in the Comments section, or get in touch with the Chartcorps to learn more.