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Tomorrow, the Chartbeat bus is packing up, rolling out, and traveling all the way….uptown. Tony, our favorite CEO, and Josh, the best lead data scientist around, are going to be hitting NYC stages at two events and would love to see you there.

towcenter-event-logoJosh at Columbia’s Tow Center for Digital Journalism

Columbia’s Tow Center is hosting The Future of Digital Longform from 8:30a-7:30p tomorrow. Tickets are totally free and it looks like a stellar lineup. If you can take a bit of time away from the ol’ newsroom, you should swing by.

Josh will be sharing data he’s found while researching longform and interactive pieces — pieces like The New York Times “Snowfall” and CNN “Taken” with substantially higher production cost and substantially more time required of readers are becoming more and more prevalent online. These heavy-investment pieces mean analytics are even more critical than usual. Josh will be talking specifically about how we define longform content, what consumption of longform content looks like, and how longform stories affect audience growth over time.

Tony at the Chief Strategy Office Summit

Today and tomorrow’s Chief Strategy Officer Summit looks like a pretty action-packed day with folks from NASA, National Geographic, GE, Refinery 29 and everyone’s favorite startup/CEO Chartbeat’s Tony Haile closing out day two. He’ll be speaking on how your company can and should adapt to the right metrics — not simply traditional metrics we’ve long relied on.

He’ll specifically be helping you industry execs at the summit to understand the metrics that matter to your business — and those that don’t, how to set up your organization and teams up to adapt autonomously (and in real time, of course!), and how to democratize data throughout your organization so your front-line teams can make smart, instant decisions. They’re some of the core tenets of successfully living and working in a real time world, and we’d love to hear your take on them if you’re attending or following along at #CSONY.

Hope to catch you tomorrow, but if not, do let us know other events you’ll be at soon, and we’ll be sure to pop by.

Chartbeat Data Scientist Josh Schwartz spoke a few weeks ago at DataGotham about his series of lab studies on how users read content – and how that research drives insights across our network.

You can now watch his talk in this blog post or on YouTube and get the scoop on what we’re cooking up these days in the Chartbeat Data Science Lab.

Got a question for Josh? You can reach him here.


In just a few hours, Chartteam members Tony, Lauryn, Ben, Adam, and Joe are heading down to Atlanta to party with Ludacris… err I mean to be a part of the Online New Association’s annual conference this week. This is one of our favorite events of the year and we’re looking forward to seeing some of the best and brightest folks in online media.

If you’re attending ONA13, join us for our discussion “New data in the newsroom: Why time is the only real measure of quality content” in the Midway at 12:45pm on Friday.

We’ll also be demoing new products and talking all things data in the Midway from tomorrow to Saturday, so please come by and say hi!


Catch me speaking this Friday at DataGotham, a New York event dedicated to data science and those who work with data across all sorts of industries from startups to academia to local politics.

I’ll be talking at 2:40pm about a set of lab studies we’ve done to understand exactly how users read content, and then show how we use insights from those studies to power insights at scale across our network.

New York has a vibrant data science community that will be well-represented at DataGotham, and I’m excited to be presenting as part of it. If you’re not watching in-person at DataGotham, you can get tweet updates on my talk by following @Chartbeat.


Tomorrow, I’ll be at the Association of Alternative Newsmedia conference in Miami. During our panel on Better Content Through Analytics, we’ll be focusing on how editors can get the most of out data to make content decisions, and how to get your newsroom to care about data. I’ll also go into developing a deeper understanding of your visitors, how to match the right content to the right people, and turning your visitors into a loyal audience.

Come by the panel if you’re going to be in Miami, or hit me up if you’d like to chat.