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On Wednesday, we hosted a webinar, “Preparing for the Data-Driven Future of Publishing,” with Tony, our CEO, and Joe, our product owner. They talked quite a bit about the next evolution of Chartbeat Publishing, and how publishers can start building loyal and returning audiences. I wanted to share a few slides with y’all, in case you missed the event or just wanted the highlights. These suckers are jam-packed with data and insights. Flip through, share with your team, and of course, don’t be shy about reaching out with questions. Enjoy!


As you may have heard, at Chartbeat we’re able to measure data about audience loyalty, engagement, and referrals. We strive to build the best tools possible based on our data to help our partners make better-informed decisions for their sites. That said, we know our talented clients are capable of doing great things with our data. Thus we make the Chartbeat API accessible to clients, giving them the opportunity to build great things alongside us.

Over the past few years, we’ve been constantly wowed by all of the incredible widgets, programs and visuals our clients come up with by taking advantage of our API – from top page modules to quirkily-customized data visualizations to some clients even making their data available to the public on their sites.

In this month’s awesome webinar we show you what you can do with the Chartbeat API and celebrate some of the more creative or useful projects our data-nerds and clients have built using our data.

Already doing great stuff with the Chartbeat API? Share the fruits of your labor in the Comments section.

Enjoy the webinar!

I recently partnered with Ro Gupta from Disqus on this webinar for the Newspaper Association of America. Check out our discussion on topics like below-the-fold engagement, the value of consumption metrics like Engaged Time and how you can take advantage of readers who are spending time on your site and with your content.

Follow up questions are welcome – post them in the Comments section and I’ll get back to you.

Webinar topic: Understanding how to leverage your video inventory and build a loyal audience

Great video content is a huge aspect of your site’s overall health – that much is clear, but what’s the strategy for something that hasn’t traditionally had a strategy in the past? In last month’s awesome webinar we went over ways to get the most of out of your existing video library and covered topics ranging from helping underperforming videos find new audiences to getting maximum ROI out of existing videos. Check out the webinar below, and feel free to suggest future webinar topics in the Comments section below.

Our awesome webinar leaders

Joe Alicata joined the Chartteam in 2013 after several impressive years as ESPN’s Senior Director of Product Development. At ESPN, Joe led teams that created a variety of innovative apps and video platforms that vastly expanded the scope of ESPN’s digital presence. His experiences bring a progressive, industry insider’s perspective to his responsibilities as Principal Product Owner of Chartbeat Publishing.

Doug Benedicto came to Chartbeat in 2012. He’s now the team lead for the Chartcorps, where he serves as one of our product and industry experts, having spent extensive time working with editorial staff at every sort of content publisher big and small.

 PS- Check out our new Chartbeat Publishing Video Dashboard!

Josh Schwartz is one of our awesome resident Data Scientists at Chartbeat. He focuses on using machine learning to find human-readable insights from quantitative data. Much of his current research concerns modeling how users’ loyalty to specific publishers changes over time. 

The lowdown from Josh

You already know that great content is the first step in getting people to your site, but what happens next? Earlier this month we spoke at the WAN-IFRA Digital Media Europe conference about the correlation between quality content and a loyal audience. This webinar continues the conversation about leveraging your content to increase your core reader base. I talk about the importance of thinking about traffic quality, not just traffic volume, strategies for increasing engagement on your page, and the key reader experiences that build towards a loyal, returning audience.

Check out my webinar and feel free to email me if you have any questions!