chartbeat v2 is here!

We’re excited to release our Beta version of chartbeat v2. We’ve spent the last few months talking to many of you about what you want from chartbeat and we’ve tried to build a lot of that into this version. We can’t wait to find out what you think.

First up, you’ll notice that chartbeat has been completely redesigned. We wanted to keep that single-page simplicity you’ve told us you love, but enable you to do more with it. Now with a single click you can drill down into the data you want and understand so much more about what’s happening on your site. The easiest way to really experience chartbeat beta is to click on the beta link on your dashboard, or (if you’re not a chartbeat user yet) check out our demo site here. However, we’ve also made this video to outline what the new chartbeat can do (best to watch in HD and full screen):


What’s New?

The first thing you might notice is that there’s a new toolbar at the top that not only shows you the pattern of your traffic over the last day, week or month, but also enables you to pick any moment in time and replay it. You can take another look at that traffic spike and understand its viral path across the web from referrer to referrer. This is Tivo for your website.

It’s also easy to drill down into the data on chartbeat without getting lost. Simply click on the data point that interests you, and the entire site will immediately pivot around that point to show you what you want to know. Click on a particular story and you’ll see every panel reflect information relating to that story alone, click on a particular referrer and you can immediately see which pages they are hitting and even the history of that referrer.

You can go one better by clicking on any of the panels on the left and see their information translated across your top pages. Want see which pages are driving new visitors vs returning, which pages are getting the most engagement or which pages are slowest to load? All it takes is one click.

This version is still in Beta (for best results try using this in Chrome) and we’ll be making lots of changes as we push this forward, so please do give us your feedback and we’ll do our best to make chartbeat even more of what you want.

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