We’re Four! April High Fives Begin at Chartbeat

This is a big month for Chartbeat. The company just hit its fourth birthday, we’re debuting our new office digs to the public, and most importantly, we’re releasing several awesome new features and products in the coming weeks.

As you know we’ve been busy – we’ve had our hands full in the data science lab studying audience development and our metric Engaged Time, we pushed out some sweet changes to the Heads Up Display, and AdAge’s article about our new quality-focused advertising product got us some love too. Plus we put together an Engaged Time infographic to help people understand this key metric a bit more. And that’s all just in the past few weeks!

Since we’re pretty pumped about the work we’ve been doing and these crazy-big upcoming milestones, we thought this month would be a great time to reflect on where we’ve been and talk about where we’re going. And we’ll discuss the amazing things our clients have achieved despite the online publishing industry’s ups and downs.

So stay tuned for some storytelling, some humblebrags about our way-too-cool clients, and even a few thoughts from our CEO, Tony. And possibly some shameless shots of our office dogs because they’ve been along for the journey too.

Thanks for celebrating with us all month long!

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