We’re Heading to #ONA14

Tomorrow, the Chartbeat crew is headed to the Windy City to set up camp at the Online News Association’s annual conference. Tony, Dustin, Nik, Bill, Jared, and I are looking forward to catching up with some of the best and brightest in digital media to talk all things data, quality, and attention. If you’re attending, you should swing by our demo and catch Tony on the main stage.

Nik Giving you the Scoop on Attention Metrics

Building the Attention Web: Practical Applications for Your Team

Swing by our booth in the midway on Thursday at 10:45 a.m. for tea, scones, demos, and discussion. Nik Nadolski, our lead Chartcorps member, will be breaking down the research behind the Attention Web, and explaining how Chartbeat tools can help organizations use attention metrics to boost return visits, build loyalty across platforms and formats (mobile/video), and prove the value of their engaging content.Read: He’ll be giving you the skinny on best practices and sharing tales of Chartbeat in action on the front lines.

Tony Breaking Down The Attention Economy

A Data State of the Union: Can We Make Quality Pay Online?

Our beloved CEO (and everyone’s favorite Brit), Tony Haile will be taking the stage on Friday at 10 a.m.in Chicago Ballroom VI. He’ll be diving into the challenges and promises of building a sustainable currency of quality on the Attention Web. Specifically, he’ll be helping you understand how and what we’re consuming on the web, from the state of the homepage to the rise of mobile to the opportunities for display advertising and the truth about native ads.

Give us a shout if you’re heading that way. We’ll also be demoing products and talking shop in the Midway from Thursday to Saturday, so please come by and say hi! We’d love to hear your take on things.

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