Say Hello to Spike Alerts in Slack

Just before the holidays we launched an integration with Slack, giving you access to real-time Chartbeat data within your very own Slack channels. Today we’re excited to announce the addition of push notifications to the integration, beginning with Spike Alert notifications.

The Deets

Spike Alerts

All of a sudden, traffic to your page increases. Being the avid Chartbeat user you are, you’re prepared. Heck, you live for these moments. The spike alert you’ve already set up triggers an email or text (or both!) to let you know, giving you time to react and take action before it story goes viral.

But what if you could avoid your inbox (and all those unread emails)? Well, friends, as of today, you can get spike alerts delivered right to your Slack channels. You can stay in the zone and be in the know.


How to Get Started

Note: Individual Chartbeat users (you!) can enable and manage spike alert notifications once your site has completed the initial Chartbeat + Slack activation. If your site isn’t yet up and running with the integration, have your admin check out the activation instructions here.

Setting up Spike Alerts


1. Go to the alerts tab of your settings page.

2. Under the Manage Alerts section, select “edit” to update an alert you’ve already created or “create new alert” to set up a new spike alert.

3. Next to the “send alert via” field check the “slack message” box

4. Select the Slack channel where you’d like to receive spike alerts from the dropdown

Questions? Check out our FAQ page or drop our Chartcorps team a note at

We’re continuing to add features to the integration, so stayed tuned for updates in the coming weeks. Something you’re dying to see? Let us know!

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