How Chartbeat is Different from Traditional Analytics Platforms

Chartbeat stands behind a commitment to lifting up quality content and the people who make them possible. While many enterprise analytics solutions offer broad capabilities that range from audience analytics to point-of-sale optimization, Chartbeat is designed, tested, and adapted to surface audience insights that support editorial KPIs and seamlessly integrate within the newsroom workflow.

It’s no surprise that over 50,000 domains in 65 countries, including CNN, The Telegraph, and ESPN, rely on Chartbeat to see how content engages their readers and helps grow an audience.

With access to a rich, global dataset, we help publishers understand and make the most of transnational trends (before everyone else does) – like our annual data science experience that counts down the most engaging content moments of the year.

A seamless product suite

Chartbeat isn’t just an audience counter with an iconic dial — it’s a collection of tools that work together to show you what’s important to your audience, optimize and improve their experience, and share progress and insights across the organization at large.

Start the day with Reports delivered directly to your inbox recapping the previous day’s progress. Use Historical and Real-time Dashboards to visualize your best content and who cares the most about it. Adapt their reader experience by testing page elements like headlines and link placement without switching out of the Heads Up Display. Not at your desk? Your Spike Alerts — notifications which identify potentially viral content — come delivered straight to Slack. Looking to do even better next time? Build long-term strategies by digging into your site’s historical data with Advanced Queries.

Evaluate and optimize content everywhere it’s distributed

Data is meant to tell a story, and to get the full picture it’s essential to have a rich set of metrics. While our classic real-time metrics tell you how big your audience is and how much they care, you can judge them side-by-side with the traditional numbers like pageviews and uniques that you’re evaluated on.

With integrations with Facebook Instant Articles, Google AMP, and Facebook’s CrowdTangle you can judge bases on how distributed your content has become, or use subscriber status to see how valuable that attention is for your brand.

But on the real-time front — we’re second to none. Every fifteen seconds Chartbeat checks in on your entire domain and updates your suite of tools. Most other analytics tools only check in just once.

Beyond loyalty

We’ve always loved with correlation between Engaged Time and the likelihood for a reader to return — but measuring loyalty is just the top of the funnel. Once you have their attention how do you convert them into paying subscribers? How can you help engage them to evangelize your content across their network? What can their reading habits tell you about building audiences with new media like interactive digital experiences? That’s the media and news culture we’re building for.

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