Fireside Chats: Talking technology and media with El Tiempo

In 2018, the Chartbeat team criss-crossed the globe to attend 40 different industry events, spanning Los Angeles to Japan.

One of our favorite events of the year, by far, was Digital Media LATAM in Bogota, Colombia. In our second year in attendance, Digital Media LATAM 2018 continued to raise the bar by bringing together both local and international publishing powerhouses to share best practices, showcase their latest innovations, and highlight critical trends that signal the future of journalism.

Chartbeat was proud to take part in the conversation alongside leading national Colombian newspaper El Tiempo, in a fireside chat titled, “How El Tiempo has placed data at the center of its digital transformation.”

In this chat, Nadia Hannout, Head of LATAM Customer Success at Chartbeat, discussed the past, present and future of journalism in Colombia with Andrés Garibello, a journalist of 20 years and Audience Editor at El Tiempo.

Covering a wide swath of topics, ranging from Andres’ personal experiences to El Tiempo’s journey through the ever-evolving media landscape — and, of course, how technology and data have impacted all of the above — the chat touched on issues deeply resonant to a digital media conference, to say the least. To watch the full fireside chat, check out the video above. If you’re planning to attend the conference in 2019, we look forward to seeing you there!

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