Seek and deploy: Optimize content, time with Chartbeat article search

Despite the endless stream of new technologies and automations available to publishers, we still find that the most valuable resource of any newsroom—a journalist’s time—is limited.

For that reason (and many more we outline below), we’ve added a new search feature for the articles you track in Chartbeat. We want everyone using our product to find the stories they need faster and save time. Enter the keywords associated with your headline and see all of the related content over the past 30 days, allowing you to instantly gather insights.

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Here are just a few ways to use the new search functionality for more control over your content planning and execution:

Give articles more context when time is limited

When news breaks, you need to get information out as quickly as possible — including background information. Optimize your breaking news stories with the help of article search.

Reduce your reliance on your archives to quickly identify previous articles that will give your readers much-needed context in less time.

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Bolster recirculation strategies

Enrich your content by quickly finding related links that will encourage your readers to navigate further into your site. Capitalize on that reader journey by choosing related articles that have a history of good engagement, increasing the depth of each visit and giving them more reasons to return again. Meanwhile, you’ll be able to cut down on the time it takes to find and investigate related articles, giving you a few extra minutes to think more deeply about your recirculation strategy.

Make short work of longform article analysis

Monitor your most valuable longform content. Our article search tool allows you to keep an eye on enterprise pieces beyond their first day of publication. From there, you’ll have a better sense of when your deep dives are ready for a boost in cross-channel promotion such as social media or your newsletter, extending the life of your best content.

Analyze, replicate past content successes

Plan future content with previous takeaways in mind by quickly finding your articles. This helps you get to the bottom of daily questions such as:

  • How frequently have we published content on this topic?
  • Should we position this piece for search or social?
  • What did we get wrong or right in channel distribution?

By searching for a keyword, you can see how often that topic has made the rounds on your site, review the predominant referral source for each story, and make informed decisions on what is most likely to resonate going forward.

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Take your article’s temperature

We see this a bit:

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You’re not alone. Search for articles—yours or anyone else’s—throughout the day to see how they are performing today or relative to past stories on similar topics.

Key takeaways: Article search and enjoy

The ability to find your content faster adds even more efficiency to your content workflow. Use the time you previously spent searching for articles so that you can now quickly:

  • Beef up your breaking news faster and take less time to find what you need.
  • Easily find the related articles that will help you increase recirculation.
  • Give your longform content the attention it deserves, even when it’s not topping your Big Board.

Now the fun part—go to your Real-Time Dashboard and easily find the articles that will help improve reader engagement.


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