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Welcome to Chartbeat’s product release notes page. This page gives you immediate access to new features in Chartbeat and enhancements across our entire suite.

Below, see what’s new in our Real-time Dashboard and what we’ve been updating in our content analytics. We hope you enjoy using all of our new audience insights and product developments!

May 18, 2022 — Historical Dashboard Updates

December 1, 2021 — New Implementation Review Capabilities

August 17, 2021 — New Real-time MetricsNew Subscriber Analytics

July 13, 2021 — Single-Sign On | SOC2 Compliance

October 19, 2020 — Image Testing

September 12, 2020 — Datastream

May 18, 2022

Historical Dashboard Updates

  • Look back up to 13 months (previously 3 months) for single sites, and up to 3 months (previously 1 month) for Multi-Site Views. Now you can compare current performance to performance a year ago.
  • Additional metric: Uniques
  • Now you can view total Uniques for time period selected, and filter the dashboard by Uniques.*
  • New Pivot: Subscriber Type
  • Filter existing metrics by Subscriber Type to see Subscriber behavior over time compared to other visitors.
*Excludes Apple News Sites

December 1, 2021

New Implementation Review Capabilities

Chartbeat Admins can now access the Implementation Review in Settings to verify and troubleshoot implementation progress more quickly. Two new tabs, the Platform Audit and the Traffic Audit, display data snapshots of the previous calendar day.

Platform Audit
Check which domains are receiving data from various platforms, including Standard Website, Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), Facebook Instant Articles, and Native Apps.

Traffic Audit
See summaries and breakdowns of pageview counts across different dimensions for a more comprehensive view of traffic.


August 17, 2021

New Metrics in the Real-Time Dashboard

Now you can zone in on key segments of your readers in real time, with additional metrics:

  •  New Visitor Pageviews
  •  Quality Pageviews (pageviews resulting in at least 15 seconds of engagement). 

To make viewing your most important metrics easier, you can select up to four metrics for your Top Articles in the Real-Time Dashboard and collapse the right hand panel of the dashboard.



August 17, 2021

New Subscriber Analytics

Zero in on revenue-generating read behavior with new metrics in the Real-Time Dashboard:

  • Subscriber Pageviews so far Today
  • Registered Pageviews so far Today

Understand trends in subscriber behavior with two new reports:

Audience Breakdown Report

The Audience Report provides breakouts of engaged minutes by device type, loyalty, and traffic source for each subscriber type, and highlights their top five stories each day.

Subscriber Engagement Report

View total engaged minutes, pageviews, and average engaged time for each of the top 10 performing articles for your subscribers, as well as a trendline of subscriber engagement throughout the day, with engaged minutes broken out by traffic source.



July 13, 2021

Log in to Chartbeat with Single-Sign On

You can now use Single Sign-on to streamline your team’s login and provisioning process, and increase security. The current features include:

  • Support for all leading Identity Providers — including internally-built systems —via SAML2.0 support, so all companies can leverage SSO for authentication.
  • Automatic user provisioning and deprovisioning using the industry standard SCIM protocol, so your team does not need to manually create or delete accounts when employees join or leave.
  • Support for SSO to be set in either “optional” or “required” mode so that organizations can manage incremental SSO rollouts at their own pace.
  • Easy export of each user’s SSO authentication status to allow teams to track the rollout of SSO.



July 13, 2021

Chartbeat is SOC2 Compliant

Chartbeat has completed its first audit and achieved SOC2 compliance. Through this process, we made countless improvements to our team’s operations, including:

  • Introducing a significantly expanded third-party penetration testing and vulnerability scanning program to identify and remediate security issues
  • Revamping our code review and approval process
  • Expanding and improving many of our employee policies.



October 19, 2020

Image Testing

Chartbeat users can now test homepage images and understand what captures readers’ attention — all in a matter of minutes. With Image Testing, you can:

  • Quickly upload and test unlimited images, directly on your homepage
  • Run visual experiments in tandem with headline tests to determine winning combinations
  • Track quality clicks from your audience to understand true engagement
  • Automatically run the winning variant and instantly capitalize on high traffic opportunities

Support Guide | Overview


September 12, 2020


Datastream, Chartbeat’s raw data pipeline, offers real-time access to the user interaction data collected from all visitor interactions on a page.

With Datastream, you’ll have a detailed history of user-level interactions with your content, including:

  • The amount of pages someone viewed in a session
  • How they engaged with the page
  • How deep they scrolled through a particular article.

See how Datastream works


April 1, 2020

Updates to the Chartbeat mobile app

Full audience distribution is now visible in the Chartbeat mobile app. On the app, you can now see what traffic is coming from your:

  • Site (Standard and AMP)
  • Mobile app (iOS and Android)
  • Apple News
  • Facebook Instant Articles

Mobile app trackingApple News trackingAMP trackingInstant Articles tracking


October 15, 2019

Improvements to Apple News data

We’ve enhanced Chartbeat’s integration of Apple News insights into our product suite.

You can now:

  • Track your site and Apple News data in one dashboard, using Multi-Site View
  • See which readers are being referred by the Apple Stocks app
  • View which readers are Apple News+ subscribers



June 18, 2019

Integration of Apple News insights into the Chartbeat suite

Chartbeat is integrating Apple News insights into the Chartbeat product suite for customers who currently publish to Apple News. 

This development will allow publishers to better evaluate editorial insights and decisions regarding:

  • Pieces of content that receive the highest engagement on Apple News
  • Increasing real-time engagement with content on Apple News
  • Where and how audiences are spending time on publisher content on Apple News
  • Determining the best, most relevant stories for Apple News readers

Full details  |  Support


June 12, 2019

Tracking content with article search

We’ve added a new search feature for the articles you track in Chartbeat. Enter the keywords associated with your headline and see all of the related content over the past 30 days, allowing you to instantly gather insights.

article search blog post body image

The new search functionality gives you more control over your content planning and execution, including more context when time is limited, improved Recirculation, better monitoring of longform content, and the ability to quickly analyze and replicate past successes.

Full details  |  Support  |  Use article search


March 20, 2019

Subscriber Analytics enhancements

These new settings allow for more touchpoints within Chartbeat to track subscribers, drive connections between audience engagement, loyalty, and reader revenue.

Real-time dashboard with subscriber module
  • Filter by subscriber Big Board
  • Subscriber, Registered, Guest, and Unclassified classifications in the app.
  • Subscriber account types are now directly below the Concurrents dial in the Real-Time dashboard.

Full details  |  Install subscriber analytics


February 25, 2019

A Multi-Site View of your content

Create a single dashboard for all the sites you manage or any subset therein, along with benchmarking data to compare and contrast performance.

Multi-Site Analytics
  • Quickly cross-post engaging content across multiple sites. 
  • Use historical tracking to measure the power of the entire network’s channel-wide experimentation.
  • Use Site Context to see when articles on one site are having an extraordinary day based on their typical performance.

Full details  |  See how Multi-site view works


February 21, 2019

User Management and Secure Permissioning

Chartbeat admins can better organize, track, and manage all their team members who use Chartbeat. 

user management permissions
  • Save time with quick access, the security of knowing you can safeguard your data through better management
  • Customize permission controls by user, by site, and by tool.

Full details  |  Start organizing your users


July 11, 2018

Our Historical Dashboard, better than ever

We’ve now added a host of new historical data features and reporting capabilities for you to explore.

  • Review performance across historical and real-time datasets, as well as key audience and traffic segments.
  • Access to Historical Dashboards through a responsive design upgrade on mobile devices.

Full details  |  Get your historical data


May 30, 2018

Chartbeat app comes to Android

Users want to stay connected to reader engagement on the go, which is why we’re bringing Android support to the Chartbeat app.

Chartbeat's mobile app, on iOS and Android

Our mobile app fits well with the other add-ons in the Chartbeat product suite, such as Spike Alerts and Slack. This way you can be notified of traffic spikes and noteworthy referrer pickups, pull up the app to see more context, and quickly share articles that need action directly with your team on the floor — all from the palm of your hand.

Download the app  |  Support


December 4, 2017

Our new reporting suite is live

Chartbeat’s Site, Section, and Author reports can now be delivered to your inbox each morning.

Enhance content strategies with reports were built for users who work on deadline, need to take action on important trends in audience behavior. The insights can be used to:

  • Identify hidden opportunities
  • Share data easily with colleagues
  • Quickly understand more about your content’s performance over time

Full details  |  Get your data


March 23, 2017

Offsite Social, expanded

We’re excited to announce the expansion of Offsite Social, our social analytics feature in partnership with Facebook’s CrowdTangle. which will result in richer metrics, broader global monitoring capabilities and increased accessibility for newsrooms around the world. 


What’s new: Understand how the articles you write are read and distributed on Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

Full details  |  See how your content is trending

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