Engaged Time, the Infographic

“What is Engaged Time and why is it different from page views?”

We hear this question a fair amount at Chartbeat, and while we love talking about Engaged Time, we wanted to offer a visual representation of why this metric matters so much.

So we’ve created an infographic that shows you why Engaged Time gives you a different, more comprehensive understanding of your content’s performance. The image below is just a sneak preview – click on the link to get the whole experience.

Click here to see the Engaged Time Infographic

 Chartbeat Engaged Time_ Get your story_s whole story

Can’t get enough ? Take it to the next level and check out Josh’s new post on Engaged Time and audience development. And see AdAge’s recent article on our new advertising product – which features some major advertising insights based on, you guessed it, Engaged Time.

Hope you enjoyed getting to know Engaged Time in a new way – and please share this infographic with your friends and colleagues!


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