Webinar: Using Quality Content to Engage Visitors and Build Your Loyal Audience

Josh Schwartz is one of our awesome resident Data Scientists at Chartbeat. He focuses on using machine learning to find human-readable insights from quantitative data. Much of his current research concerns modeling how users’ loyalty to specific publishers changes over time. 

The lowdown from Josh

You already know that great content is the first step in getting people to your site, but what happens next? Earlier this month we spoke at the WAN-IFRA Digital Media Europe conference about the correlation between quality content and a loyal audience. This webinar continues the conversation about leveraging your content to increase your core reader base. I talk about the importance of thinking about traffic quality, not just traffic volume, strategies for increasing engagement on your page, and the key reader experiences that build towards a loyal, returning audience.

Check out my webinar and feel free to email me if you have any questions!

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