Webinar: How to Leverage Your Video Inventory

Webinar topic: Understanding how to leverage your video inventory and build a loyal audience

Great video content is a huge aspect of your site’s overall health – that much is clear, but what’s the strategy for something that hasn’t traditionally had a strategy in the past? In last month’s awesome webinar we went over ways to get the most of out of your existing video library and covered topics ranging from helping underperforming videos find new audiences to getting maximum ROI out of existing videos. Check out the webinar below, and feel free to suggest future webinar topics in the Comments section below.

Our awesome webinar leaders

Joe Alicata joined the Chartteam in 2013 after several impressive years as ESPN’s Senior Director of Product Development. At ESPN, Joe led teams that created a variety of innovative apps and video platforms that vastly expanded the scope of ESPN’s digital presence. His experiences bring a progressive, industry insider’s perspective to his responsibilities as Principal Product Owner of Chartbeat Publishing.

Doug Benedicto came to Chartbeat in 2012. He’s now the team lead for the Chartcorps, where he serves as one of our product and industry experts, having spent extensive time working with editorial staff at every sort of content publisher big and small.

 PS- Check out our new Chartbeat Publishing Video Dashboard!

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