Updates to the Chartbeat Publishing Video Dashboard

One of the amazing things about Chartbeat is the speed at which we can deploy new products and then make changes to them. A lot of this is due to  how we listen to our clients and adapt products and features based on their needs. It’s been just over a month since we launched the Chartbeat Publishing Video Dashboard and we already have some key product updates and great use cases from our clients.

Big-time dashboard updates

The Dashboard itself has seen a few changes to make it easier to understand the breadth of your video engagement. You can now infinitely scroll the left-hand Watching Now column to see all your videos that are currently being viewed. We have also improved the cross linking between the Video Dashboard and Chartbeat Publishing so you can jump easily into deeper page level stats around where your video is placed.

After spending time with our clients to see how they were using the Video Dashboard, we also expanded the usefulness of the Site Overview. First, we focused on showing you more opportunities to take action with a longer list of “Highly Engaged” pages you should consider adding video to. This is the single easiest way to improve video engagement on your site by simply taking advantage of where your users already are and placing video within those articles.

Second, we improved our “Recently High Engaged Score” algorithm to better surface videos you should consider adding to those highly engaged pages that are lacking video content.

Lastly we have made it easier for large sites to see categories of videos by adding sections that use the metadata associated with your video clips to group videos into their respective sections. So if you are the politics section lead, you can focus your efforts on that one area, for example.

More plugins for everyone

Of course all of this Video Dashboard goodness isn’t useful if the implementation is too time-consuming to make the cut for your dev teams. In an effort to make integration even easier we have added a list of new plugins – with more plugins still to come. We just wrapped up plugins for both Kaltura and The Platform, which are additions to the currently supported Brightcove and Ooyala players.

Of course we still have our SDKs which can be integrated into any player environment your dev teams have control over.

Clients already making moves with the Video Dashboard

Since launch our clients are using the Chartbeat Publishing Video Dashboard in some amazing ways. One team has used the Dashboard to help them determine the optimal length of videos to actually increase engagement. They found more short form content drives increased engagement versus featuring fewer longer clips.

Another client is using the “Highly Engaged” list of videos to drive what’s included in playlists around the site, increasing video engagement overall with a better understanding of context.

Want to feast your eyes on a real Chartbeat Publishing Video Dashboard? Thanks to The Daily Racing Forum you can check out a live video dashboard for yourself.

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