Did You Know: The Visitors Tab

In life you only have one chance to make that first impression – and the same can be said for interacting with new visitors on your site. It’s like going on a first date. Impress them with your good manners, and remember to hold doors open for them.

With Chartbeat, our data helps you learn about your site’s new visitors and then wow them with strategic content choices.


The “Visits” tab in the Chartbeat Publishing dashboard is powerful way to find the breakdown between your new and returning visitors. Who are those folks who haven’t been on your site in at least the past 30 days? Click on the word “New” to find out where your new visitors are going in droves.

new filtered

The “Top Pages” list will then surface the places on your site that have the most new visitors. What articles are really resonating with those new viewers?

Find the articles with the highest percentage of new visitors. Those new visitors may never actually reach your homepage so treat those pages as portals for your newest readers to dig into your site and find the best content your site has to offer.

Add additional multimedia to create a richer experience and curate the related links so new readers have more to read on that topic. Give your new readers your best content so they have more and more reasons to stick around now and to come back again soon.

This is your chance to hook new readers so go ahead and shower, brush your hair and be the best you can be to capture the attention of your new audience.


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