Did You Know: Mobile vs. Desktop Traffic Breakdown

We get it. Your readers are out and about and want to access your content when they’re on the train, in the mall or in bed. That’s why we’ve updated the Chartbeat Publishing dashboard to include info about your mobile and desktop readers – how your readers are consuming your content.

Because Engaged Time is one of our highly-actionable, key indicator metrics, the Mobile vs. Desktop stat is measured using your pool of engaged readers (people on your page right now who are actively reading, typing, or scrolling).

We’re taking your engaged visitors and then breaking that number down between those reading on mobile devices (tablets and phones) and the traditionalists reading content on their laptops or desktops. This metric adjusts as you filter on a section or page level.

Want more insights about the device-based audience behaviors? Our Data Scientist Josh wrote a great piece a few months ago about understanding mobile vs. desktop visitors.

Now that you can track mobile engaged readers on your dashboard, how do you deal with mobile spikes? Is your mobile site optimized for the content you’re on-the-go audience prefers? Let me know in the Comments how you’re creating and promoting content for your mobile readers.


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