The Heads Up Display: Now with Engaged Time and Video Data

We’ve had a busy summer here at Chartbeat, with Chartteam members building and iterating on many products and related features. A big focus during this most recent six-week development cycle was expanding the impact of the Heads Up Display, a browser overlay that projects your data right over the homepage.

Today I’m excited to introduce two new additions to the Heads Up Display – an engagement view and video stats – two features that will help you make smarter and stronger decisions about your homepage.


Engaged Time

We’ve been talking about Engaged Time as one of our key indicator metrics for growing audience loyalty for a long time. Engaged Time has been in your Heads Up Display Details Window for a while, but today’s update lets you easily switch your entire view to see what homepage links have the highest Engaged Time right now.

What does this mean? With the option to view your whole homepage through the lens of Engaged Time, you can now make faster decisions based on your reader engagement.

Click the clock symbol on the dock and teal pins will highlight your most-engaging links in rank order. By surfacing the content that your readers are spending the most time with, you can promote these links to strategic positions on your homepage. Many of these links can be considered your high-potential stories – links that might be a position change away from a traffic spike.

Shout out to smaller sites that get fewer clicks: The Engaged Time view is great for managing your homepage content, as you can still identify your high-performing links despite a potentially lower traffic volume.


Video Data

We’ve also incorporated video data into the Heads Up Display so you can now see how your videos are interacting with the rest of your homepage content.

If you’ve implemented Chartbeat data in your video player, you can access your video data right on your homepage. When you click on the video icon in your Heads Up Display dock, you can see what pages have the most visitors watching videos in real time.

Right below the top pages where visitors are playing video, we’re showing you which high-performing pages pages don’t currently have video on them. Since Chartbeat has data about your site’s written content, we’re able to recommend strategic pages that might benefit from video content.

This is full-context video performance data within the Heads Up Display – you’re getting new insights to make faster, informed decisions about your homepage content overall.

By having your video data right in the Heads Up Display, you know exactly where your most popular videos are so you can make sure you’re giving those top videos enough promotional love on your homepage.

You can also determine if videos are perhaps hurting your homepage– are they driving traffic or inciting abandonment? And, are there any top-performing links where you could add a video to take your page to the next level? It’s total visibility into how your videos affect your audience’s overall homepage content experience – so you know how to best leverage the videos on your site.

Test this stuff out

I hope you’re as excited as I am about these changes to the Heads Up Display. We absolutely need your feedback about these updates. Love them? Hate them? Want more? Share your thoughts in the Comments or send us an email – we’re looking forward to your opinions.

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