Meet the Weekly Audience Perspective

Earlier this year, we rolled out the Daily Content Perspective. Our goal was not only to give our clients an end-of-day summary, but also to provide more context and color, uncover significant new insights, and make it simple to understand how things played out over the course of a day. But, in talking to publishers, we’ve come to realize that it’s not just about the content on the page—it’s about building relationships with the people on the page, too.

So, we’re excited to introduce the yin to the Daily Content Perspective’s yang—the Weekly Audience Perspective. Refreshed every Monday morning, the Weekly Audience Perspective gives you a seven-day view of your audience’s behavior, and it can answer lots of questions: Which referrers are sending me the most valuable traffic? How much time are my visitors actively spending with my content? Which visitors are most likely to come back to my site?

And, as with everything we do, we’re emphasizing engagement. Why? Well, because as we learned a few months ago, we know there’s a correlation between visitors’ engagement and their propensity to return. That is, we know that visitors who read an article for three minutes return twice as often as those who read for one minute. So, if you want an audience that returns—and returns often—Engaged Time is one of the best leading indicators out there.

Now, on with the show…


referrers-gawkerZero in on your most valuable referrers

To start building a returning and loyal audience, you first need to know which referrers are driving the most visitor activity and engagement. The Weekly Audience Perspective shows you, with a simple 1-to-10 ranking, which referrers are sending visitors who actually spend time engaging with your content. And, to give you a better sense of who holds sway, it shows the number of articles referrers are linking to over the week.


Keep visitors reading, reading, reading…recirculation-gawker

It’s not enough to just get visitors to come to your site. You want your visitors to stay awhile, spend time jumping from article to article, diving into long reads. With the Weekly Audience Perspective, it’s easy to know which referrers send quality visitors—the folks who are tuned in—and how well you’re recirculating visitors through your site. See how much time visitors spent on their first page and on subsequent pages.


gawker-categoriesGet your best visitors to return more often

There are some visitors who come back again and again and others who visit once and disappear forever. But if you want to build a returning and loyal audience, you need to woo the folks who are most likely to return. The Weekly Audience Perspective tells you the percentage of visitors—from any referrer—that returned to your site, as well as how many returned directly. Three simple categories make it easy to size up your audience.


Discover the relationships among sectionsgawker-sections

Not only can you find out which sections are most engaging—giving you a better sense of where your visitors are spending their time—but you can also compare visitor return rates for each section. What’s more, you can gain insight into the relationships among sections and begin to understand how traffic is flowing between them. That’s particularly useful if you want to cross-promote your content across sections.


Now, go forth and conquer…

If you’re already signed up with Chartbeat Publishing, the new Weekly Audience Perspective is waiting for you. Log in and check it out now—you’ll find it under “Perspectives.” If you’re not already on the Chartbeat Publishing train, we’d love to talk with you and show you more. Give us a call at 646-218-9333 or send an e-mail to

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