10 Ways to Analyze Your Audience’s Behavior with Chartbeat Publishing

The new Chartbeat Publishing has been out in the wild for over a month and we’re excited about the enthusiastic reactions we’ve been getting from you guys. We built the dashboard from the ground up with quality in mind so that you, as digital publishers, understand your top-notch content as well as the most valuable visitors coming through your site’s doors.

All across the new Chartbeat Publishing dashboard, we’re breaking down your audience in a number of new ways, as well as highlighting the areas on your site where unique opportunities are happening — so that you can take action in the moments that matter.

I want to help you get rocking and rolling with the new dashboard, so here’s a quick round-up of 10 tips for the new dashboard. In the near future, we’ll be sharing more blog posts dedicated to helping you get comfortable and easily master the new Chartbeat Publishing.

10 Ways to Analyze Your Audience’s Behavior with the New Chartbeat Publishing

Chartbeat Publishing dashboard

  1. Track the percentage of your audience that’s clicking from one article page and moving to another page with Recirculation. It measures how well traffic is flowing, and it gauges stickiness—your ability to keep visitors reading and hanging around your website.

  1. See what makes your new, returning, and loyal visitor segments tick with the Visitor Frequency module. Our tooltip-style benchmarks give you a sense of whether you’re over- or under-performing among any particular audience segment.

  1. Pivot on Mobile to find out what engaged mobile visitors are reading and which referrers are sending them to your website. Get visualizations of your mobile-versus-desktop breakdown over the past day, 7 days, or 30 days.

  1. Look specifically at the visitors coming from your top five countries, cities, regions, or designated market areas (DMA) with new Location filtering. It’s just one of the many ways you can examine the audience you care about most.

  1. Track your Top Pages and easily uncover the pages with relatively higher or lower Engaged Time—the bold green and red colors make it super easy to spot anomalies, so you can zero in and focus your attention.

  1. Identify the pages that are drawing in the most new visitors, relative to your website’s average, with Acquiring badges. These are the pages that are doing a good job of making a first impression on your website’s first-time visitors.

  1. Surface pages where visitors are exhibiting a higher propensity to return with Retaining badges. Visitors on these pages are spending a relatively higher amount of time engaging, or are recirculating from these pages at a higher rate.

  1. See which Referrers are bringing in valuable visitors which a higher propensity to return. You can mouse over any referrer to get the return rate of visitors coming through that referrer, plus a couple tips on how to boost that return rate.

  1. Find out which tweets are actually sending the most visitors through to your website in real time with Tweets by Traffic. Your social media team might be inclined to either retweet or reply and kick off a conversation.

  1. Apply multiple filters to your data and analyze complex audience segments. It’s great to know who comes from Facebook, but what about those visitors coming from Facebook who are loyal? Or the Facebook visitors from New York?

These are just some of the new features on the new Chartbeat Publishing. If you have questions or want to learn more, get in touch with us at support[at]chartbeat[dot]com. Send us your feedback or let us know which features you’re using the most!

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