2014 Trends in Online Journalism

At Chartbeat, we have the great privilege of working with thousands of the world’s online publishers, giving us access to one of the most interesting data sets ever. (Ever!) So, with 2013 wrapped up and 2014 now in full swing, we thought it’d be cool to do a little futurecasting… you know, use what we’ve learned from our own data studies—and from others’—to read the tea leaves. What will 2014 mean for data-driven journalism?

Yesterday, we hosted a webinar, “2014 Trends in Online Journalism,” with our good friends at the Online News Association. Joe Alicata, our Product Owner for Chartbeat Publishing, and Doug Benedicto, our UX Researcher, talked about everything from multi-platform news consumption to experimentation with content monetization. They also talked about how publishers are starting to focus on quality content and building loyal audiences.

If you missed the webinar—or just want to relive it—we’ve got the video for you below. If it’s just the slides you’re after, you can check those out over on Slideshare. We’d love to hear what you think, too: Which areas of online publishing do you think will be emerging, developing, or accelerating in the next year? Tweet us @Chartbeat. If you’re interested in a free trial of the new Chartbeat Publishing, send a note to productoutreach@chartbeat.com.

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