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Week of September 21
We’re all about attention. Here are a few stories from the week that captured ours.

Round-up: How do you solve a problem like mobile ad-blocking?

Chris Sutcliffe | theMediaBriefing | September 21   (7 min read)
“As we’ve previously argued, framing the use of ad-blocking as evidence of some moral failing on the part of your audience is unhelpful and disingenuous.”

‘Now what? Journalism needs new metrics’

Wolfgang Blau | The JoongAng Ilbo via Medium | September 21   (6 min read)
“You have visited us, you read or watched something and we measured that interaction, but now you have left again. Now what?”

The Tech Landscape of Newspaper Websites

Adam Nekola | Medium | September 23   (6 min read)
“I analyzed the web technologies used by 3,769 newspapers. Overall, the news industry isn’t far behind broader trends.”

How much of Your Audience Is Fake?

Ben Elgin, Michael Riley, David Kocieniewski, and Joshua Brustein | Bloomberg | September 24   (12 min read)
“I can think of nothing that has done more harm to the Internet than ad tech.”

Why are we still calling them phones?

Dan Frommer | Quartz | September 24   (1 min read)
“The mobile internet revolution is accelerating.”

Advertising 2.0: A Call to Think

Jason Kint and Vincent Peyrègne | re/code | September 24   (3 min read)
“Publishers, not platforms, must take the lead [to redefine how advertising works].”

Guess what: Millennials aren’t all the same when it comes to news consumption

Laura Hazard Owen | NiemanLab | September 25   (2 min read)
“[Defining millennials] as a ‘monolithic group that doesn’t change with age and different circumstances’ doesn’t really make sense.”

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