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Week of September 28
We’re all about attention. Here are a few stories from the week that captured ours.

National Advertising Division Annual Conference Keynote Address

Commissioner Julie Brill | Better Business Bureau | September 28     (10 minute read)
“For over fifteen years now, the Federal Trade Commission has pushed for more consumer control over third-party data collection online.”

Exclusive: What You Know About Audience Engagement is Wrong. And Viacom is Fixing It.

KC Ifeanyi | Fast Company | September 29    (3 minute read)
“75% of consumers believe their ability to pay attention is improving or remaining constant.”

How Millennials Get News: Paying for content

The Media Insight Project | September 30   (3 minute read)
“In all, 87 percent of Millennials personally pay for some type of subscription service, including news or entertainment services.”

Facebook: Fast-scrolling millennials consume ads 2.5 times faster

Garett Sloane | Digiday | September 30   (1 minute read)
“Teens consume content two and a half times faster than people in their 60s.”

Your phone’s homescreen is dead

Zachary Seward | Quartz | October 1   (6 minute read)
“Making the phone smarter, through its operating system and apps, is crucial to the success of features like search, suggestions, and notifications.”

5 things brands need to know about centennials

Tanya Dua | Digiday | October 2   (3 minute read)
“Just like the millennials preceding them, being constantly connected is a necessity.”

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