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Week of October 5
We’re all about attention. Here are a few stories from the week that captured ours.

Good design is good business

Hugo Sarrazin + John Maeda | McKinsey & Company | October 5   (8 minute video)
“The advent of mobile is fundamentally changing the need to think about design, the interaction, and the experience in a substantive way.”

Shareable, concise, authentic: The BBC’s approach to mobile video

Catalina Albeanu | | October 6   (2 minute read)
“Vertical video makes it even more intimate. It’s like FaceTiming someone.”

Lessons from Five Years in Mobile News Apps: #1 Don’t have a news app.

Priya Ganapati | Medium | October 6   (5 minute read)
“If you already have a [news app], shut it down. Use your resources to make your mobile web site better.”

How Fox Sports boosted site traffic — and engagement — in 6 weeks

Sahil Patel | Digiday | October 7   (3 minute read)
“Since implementing the [design] changes, has witnessed a 23 percent lift in pageviews and 37 percent increase in time spent per visitor who came via social media.”

Power in the Open Web: Chartbeat and the Google AMP Project

Tony Haile | | October 7   (3 minute read)
“The open web means something important to the world and if it’s broken it’s our job to fix it.”

Times Co. Outlines Strategy to Double Digital Revenue

Ravi Somaiya | The New York Times | October 7   (2 minute read)
“Our message today is not about cutting, it’s about growth.”

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