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Week of October 12
We’re all about attention. Here are a few stories from the week that captured ours.

The New York Times builds out digital rewrite team

Jeremy Barr | Politico Media | October 13   (2 minute read)
“Rather than eschewing aggregation, the Times seems to be moving to ensure that it can keep pace with fast-moving competitors, without sacrificing the paper’s commitment to high-quality journalism and accuracy.”

5 reasons to pay attention to the young people in your newsroom

Kristen Hare | Poynter | October 13   (2 minute read)
“Working with people in different age groups can make you a better journalist.”

Should newspapers abandon digital?

Alan Mutter | Reflections of a Newsosaur | October 14   (5 minute read)
“Doubling down on print hardly seems to be a foresighted strategy when readers and advertisers increasingly are flocking to the digital media.”

How the Atlantic gets people to spend more than 4 minutes on its native ads

Lucia Moses | Digiday | October 15   (3 minute read)
“How to make native ads that are as appealing as editorial content but still carry the advertiser’s branding is something publishers haven’t fully come to terms with.”

The Washington Post Pulls About Even with the New York Times in Online Readership

Andrew Beaujon | Washingtonian | October 15   (1 minute read)
“The Washington Post announced Thursday that it had 59.2 million unique readers of its digital properties in September.”

Twitter and Facebook Are Turning Publishers into Ghost Writers

Josh Constine | TechCrunch | October 16   (4 minute read)
“Opportunities to fall in love with the publisher are few and far between. They’re just another ranch producing meat for Facebook’s sausage factory.”

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