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“Culture is accretive. It changes and becomes richer and more nuanced as every single person coming into a company adds a thread to its tapestry. That’s what makes a true company culture. It’s not: Can you become homogenous? It’s: Can you come here and give your best?” — Tony Haile

Ever wonder what Chartbeat CEO Tony Haile thinks of his job? How he envisions the evolution of Chartbeat culture? The most important lesson he can give to anyone in management?

You can find the answers to these questions (and more!) in 33voices’s new feature on Tony. In the interview, 33voices Founder, Jenna Abdou, and Tony discuss the challenges of scaling a company while maintaining transparency, the everlasting vitality of attention metrics, and, of course, polar exploring. It’s some hearty, old-fashioned, heavily-British real talk.

Watch the interview here.

If you’re more inclined to listen to Tony’s wit and wisdom while you run, here’s the subsequent podcast.

If you prefer reading to listening, then you can read the article about Tony featured on

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