New Slack + Chartbeat Integration


Chartbeat Separation Anxiety (CSA) is real. We understand. But fear not. We’ve got a little present for you just in time for the holidays. Say hello to the new Slack + Chartbeat Publishing integration.

The Deets

Why yes, this does mean your real-time Chartbeat data delivered right to the Slack channel(s) of your choosing.

Slash Command
Know what’s holding your audience’s attention every moment of the day—and night and weekend—with the /Chartbeat slash command. Using /chartbeat, you’ll be able to get real-time Chartbeat data about your site’s top pages, top referrers (URL, not referrer type), concurrents and Average Engaged Time and filter by referrer, author, section, path, referrer type (social, direct, search) and new users.

Want to know what pages are trending on your site? Boom: “/chartbeat what are the top pages on” Or how about where your visitors are coming from? Try: “/chartbeat how much traffic on is from social sources.”

How to Set it Up

If your organization currently uses Chartbeat Publishing, we’ve sent your account admin an email with the instructions. The admin is the only one able to enable the integration, but once that’s set they’ll be able to grant you access.

Not sure who the admin is at your organization? Drop a note to your Customer Success Manager or to the Chartcorps team at, and they’ll point you in the right direction.

If you are the Chartbeat account admin, read on:
First, head over to the new integrations tab on your Settings page at (Reminder: only account admins will be able to access this tab).

Next, select the integration button under the Slack icon. You’ll then be redirected to the Slack page and guided through the process. Essentially, you’ll be prompted to enter or confirm your company’s Slack credentials and Slack will take care of the rest.

Wait, What’s a Slash Command Again?

Not familiar with Slack’s slash commands? Check out Slack’s support doc.

The basic structure for the /chartbeat command is as follows, but is completely customizable to reflect your site’s unique sections, authors, and more:

/chartbeat METRIC on HOST where FILTER is FILTER_VALUE

Some examples would be:
/chartbeat what are the top pages on
/chartbeat how many people are currently on
/chartbeat how much traffic is on stories in the business section
/chartbeat how much traffic on was referrered by
/chartbeat how much traffic on is from social sources

Questions? Check out our FAQ page.

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