Introducing the New Report Builder

Since we launched the first version of Report Builder last year, we’ve had a whole bunch of great conversations with our partners — large and small, from New York to Tokyo. We’ve heard them kvell. We’ve heard them kvetch. And what’s become unequivocally clear is that newsrooms are embracing historical data faster than ever before.

So today, we’re thrilled to share with the world some of the new and insanely cool features our Product, Engineering, and Design teams have been cooking up for Report Builder. Get excited.

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Meet Report Builder, the Sequel

It’s dynamic, it’s sleek, and smarter than ever. Report Builder empowers everyone in the newsroom — from the most left-brain PhD. data analysts to the most right-brain prose folk — to make the most of their historical data. With its seamless, new design, now anyone can create custom historical reports to evaluate and measure the success of sites’ over-time performance. And, come on, just look at how great this thing looks.

If you need a refresher on the ins and outs of Report Builder before we take a gander at the tool’s new features, check out this quick video.

Got questions? Sign up for the Introduction to the New Report Builder Webinar with Chartbeat’s own James Franz and Chris Consroe.

Cheat Sheet

Select the arrow at the top-right of your screen to open the report cheat sheet. Now, the most commonly-built reports are all pre-loaded into your Cheat Sheet, so that it’s easier than ever to just click and download. Looking to see your site’s most popular articles? Just select that report within the Cheat Sheet, and Report Builder will prepopulate with the necessary filters, groups, and metrics.


Naming & Sharing

Before they get lost in .CSV land, your reports can now be named within Report Builder itself. It makes distinguishing between your recurring Engaged Time check-ins and your mobile-desktop breakdowns that much easier.


We know audience development is a team effort, so we’ve made sharing capabilities within Report Builder totally seamless. Simply enter the email addresses of those colleagues with whom you want to share. With recurring reports, you and your colleagues can receive those reports at automated intervals, right in your inbox.

Table Preview

Want to know how your data’s gonna look before you download the report? Now with optimized preview capability, you can see example data based on the criteria of your report, allowing you to tweak before you download.


Slack Notifications

Doing a big data pull? No need to wait around while your report processes. Now you can receive notifications via Slack when your report is complete. Get the scoop on how to set up notifications on our FAQ page.

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Get Your Historical Reporting On

All the power of historical reporting combined with a little front-end botox makes for a wicked smart tool. After all, looking for trends in your historical data can provide accurate insight into your audience’s preferences and long-term behavior. And who wouldn’t want that?

If you’re wondering how to make the most of your historical reports, give this blog post a read for some inspiration.

Ready for a deep dive into the new Report Builder? Sign up for next week’s webinar. Not using Chartbeat tools yet? Let’s change that.

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