Check out Tony Haile on Traction


Yesterday, Chartbeat’s CEO and IRONMAN-in-residence, Tony Haile chatted it up on Traction, a podcast from NextView. In the episode, Tony and Jay Acunzo discuss the perils of measuring with pageviews, the importance of quality storytelling in an internet rife with clickbait, and Star Wars.

You’ll also learn:

  • Tips for content-driven platforms wanting to rethink their data operations
  • How creativity will shape the internet to come
  • The importance of aligning metrics with mission

You can listen to the podcast here. As Jay Acunzo says, “You will slash your screen to pieces with a lightsaber when you hear this entrepreneur’s mission.”

To read more about the importance of meaningful metrics, be sure to check out Chartbeat’s 2016 playbook, Past/Forward.

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