What Can Section Editors do with Chartbeat?

Now that we’ve explored how content creators and producers everywhere can put Chartbeat tools to work, let’s dive into how section editors can use attention data to optimize section layout.

After a story gets written and published, it’s time for the section editor to jump in. Whether it’s managing the queues of individual journalists, monitoring section-wide performance, or just chasing down a spare copy editor, there’s no time to waste when you’re a Section Editor. You need actionable data you can put to work right now. Chartbeat Publishing arms editors with the tools to identify their highest quality content — the pieces that pique and keep reader attention – and get the most out of every single one.

With Chartbeat Publishing, editors can:

Keep Tabs on the Team

Who are your top authors? What are their strongest subjects? Whose articles surge on Facebook? Effective team management starts with historical reporting. Chartbeat Report Builder, our flexible historical reporting tool, enables section editors to see how short-term adaptations build into long-term trends. Align your team around meaningful audience development goals and give them the data they need to succeed.

Combat High Bounce Rates

Use Chartbeat Heads Up Display to identify where readers are dropping off on articles or the homepage. Within Heads Up Display, a screen overlay that displays real-time visitor data on top of home, section, or article pages, editors love the Scroll Depth Indicator. It’ll point out where large portions of your audience are leaving the page. Place links where drop-off is highest so that readers will recirculate to more content rather than run to the kitchen.

Establish a Data-Driven Workflow

The Chartbeat Daily Content Perspective, a summary of your team’s day-by-day performance, is a popular reference for morning editorial meetings. Such opportunities to learn from the past are essential to planning for the near and long term. When everyone’s speaking in common vocabulary and aspiring to shared goals, team collaboration springs naturally. That’s why 60,000 sites around the world strengthen their collaboration through Chartbeat Publishing.

For more information on how Chartbeat Publishing helps Editors keep it real, reach out to productoutreach@chartbeat.com.

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