4 Questions Chartbeat Can Answer About Your Homepage

Homepage Editors, meet the Chartbeat Heads Up Display. It’s a screen overlay that displays real-time data on top of home, section, or article pages. Through colorful, numbered pins, the Heads Up Display measures how much click activity each link is receiving, how it’s performing in comparison to the average link performance for that location, and what percentage of clicking visitors go on to read for at least 15 seconds.

A Homepage Editor’s primary objective is optimizing the placement of articles on the homepage. We don’t need to tell you that.

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But we can help you answer some critical questions with cold, hard data:

Is a headline in-step with its content?
From directly within the Heads Up Display, homepage editors can access Engaged Headline Testing. This multivariate testing tool identifies headlines that are not only getting clicked on, but also those that are leading to subsequent engagement. When you measure both of these elements, the winning headline and content mesh seamlessly.
How does link performance differ on desktop, mobile, and tablet homepages?
The Heads Up Display is not only fully responsive but also filters by device type. By resizing browser windows, editors can see how audiences travel through their site or section on any device. With a quick trip to the Real-Time Dashboard, you’ll see how those behaviors are translating into traffic and engagement numbers.
Would a different graphic improve link performance?
You need a great headline. That’s for sure. But a crisp image, graphic, or illustration is just as important. See how a particular image impacts link performance and what homepage placements do best with images.
How does time of day affect homepage placement?
Chartbeat Reports, our flexible historical reporting tool, allows you to look at over-time trends on your homepage. By using Reports to graph a visual representation of homepage average scroll depth changes during the day and to decide when to push content, or to add a loyalty filter to see if new readers scroll differently than loyal ones, you can gain actionable insights into how your audience interacts with your homepage.

For more information on how Chartbeat arms Homepage Editors with real-time data, contact us to schedule a demo.

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