Chartbeat to integrate Apple News insights into the Chartbeat suite of tools

For many publishers, Apple News has become an important platform to reach a large and engaged audience, and to reach new consumers and subscribers. Publishers also leverage Apple News to increase audience engagement with their content to grow brand affinity and loyalty.

Chartbeat is pleased to announce that it is integrating Apple News insights into the Chartbeat product suite for customers who currently publish to Apple News.

This development will allow publishers to better evaluate editorial insights and decisions regarding:

  • Pieces of content that receive the highest engagement on Apple News
  • Increasing real-time engagement with content on Apple News
  • Where and how audiences are spending time on publisher content on Apple News
  • Determining the best, most relevant stories for Apple News readers

Now, for the first time and right within Chartbeat, publishers will be able to see engagement statistics on how their content is performing on Apple News, in real time. When contextualized with data already available through Chartbeat, this new input will provide publishers with a true 360-degree view of how content is performing across multiple owned-and-operated and distributed platforms. This, in turn, allows publishers to understand audience engagement on Apple News in the moment, and better inform their editorial decisions.

Apple News Chartbeat integration header gif

Importantly, this integration ensures that no personal information from Apple News readers – IP addresses, cookies, or device IDs – is ever shared with Chartbeat, while maintaining the Chartbeat product experience our users trust.

The Apple News integration is available today for all Chartbeat customers who publish to Apple News. Further support documentation can be found here. Publishers on Apple News who would like to learn more about the functionality from Chartbeat can email us here. Any questions? Thoughts? Feedback? Let us know. We’re happy to get you started.

A big thank-you to some of our premier beta partners, who represent a diverse global group of leaders whose feedback helped us develop this integration:

  • The Washington Post
  • The BBC
  • National Geographic
  • GiveMeSport
  • Fox News
  • Axios
  • E! News
  • Rogers Media
  • The Telegraph
  • Bell Media

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